Complete Capstone Experiments

Classic Physics Experiments designed for use with a 550 or 850 Universal Interface and PASCO Capstone software.

Listed below are nearly 50 classic physics experiments using the power of PASCO software and lab equipment. Capstone 'EX' experiments include all the apparatus, sensors (when needed), manuals, and PASCO Capstone files you'll need in your student physics lab. For your convenience, we've listed all the downloadable files for each experiment below.

Every experiment listed can be performed with the 850 and most can be performed with the 550 Universal Interfaces. See individual experiments for details and requirements. For more information about our universal interfaces, see:

Mechanics Experiments Back to Top

File Download Product Detail
Sliding Friction Experiment (72.66 MB) EX-5508 Details
Centripetal Force Experiment (19.44 MB) EX-5506 Details
Centripetal Force Pendulum Experiment (28.67 MB) EX-5505A Details
Hooke's Law Experiment (10.91 MB) EX-5504A Details
Newton’s Laws Experiment (95.74 MB) EX-5503B Details
Projectile Motion Experiment (17.68 MB) EX-5502 Details
Work Energy Theorem Experiment (2.45 MB) EX-5513A Details
Universal Gravitational Constant Experiment (276.69 MB) EX-5550 Details
Atwood's Machine Experiment (7.87 MB) EX-5501 Details
Conservation of Energy II Experiment (28.92 MB) EX-5512 Details
Ballistic Pendulum Experiment (19.65 MB) EX-5511A Details
Conservation of Energy Experiment (4.79 MB) EX-9935 Details
Conservation of Momentum Experiment (2.37 MB) EX-5510C Details
Impulse Experiment (42.35 MB) EX-5509B Details

Fluids Experiments Back to Top

File Download Product Detail
Piping Systems Experiment Files (EX-5553) (37.54 MB) EX-5553 Details
Pumping Systems Experiment Files (EX-5554) (18.13 MB) EX-5554 Details
Archimedes Principle Experiment (7.19 MB) EX-9909 Details

Rotation Experiments Back to Top

File Download Product Detail
Driven Damped Harmonic Oscill Experiment (9.64 MB) EX-5522A Details
Large Amp. Pend Experiment (18.49 MB) EX-5520A Details
Variable g Pendulum Experiment (9.62 MB) EX-5519A Details
Physical Pendulum Experiment (13.55 MB) EX-5518A Details
Conservation of Angular Momentum Experiment (56.70 MB) EX-5517C Details
Rotational Inertia Experiment (21.94 MB) EX-5516B Details
CartOscill Experiment (7.90 MB) EX-5551A Details
Chaos Experiment (31.79 MB) EX-5523A Details

Structures Experiments Back to Top

File Download Product Detail
EX-5556_Basic_Bridges (20.90 MB) EX-5556 Details
Shaking Tower Experiment Files (13.67 MB) EX-5555 Details
Bridge Vibrations Experiment (20.93 MB) EX-5548 Details

Materials Experiments Back to Top

File Download Product Detail
Bending Experiment (31.09 MB) EX-5559 Details
Column Buckling Experiment (21.66 MB) EX-5558 Details
Tensile Testing Experiment (14.30 MB) EX-5557 Details

Thermodynamics Experiments Back to Top

File Download Product Detail
Ratio of Specific Heats Experiment (5.21 MB) EX-5531A Details
Heat Engine Experiment (216.34 MB) EX-5530B Details
Blackbody Radiation Experiment (9.56 MB) EX-5529A Details
Ideal Gas Law Experiment (12.63 MB) EX-5527 Details
Electrical Equiv of Heat Experiment (13.31 MB) EX-5525 Details
Specific Heat Experiment (11.41 MB) EX-5524A Details

Electromagnetism Experiments Back to Top

File Download Product Detail
Ohm's Law Experiment (32.89 MB) EX-5535 Details
Resistivity Experiment (23.83 MB) EX-5534 Details
Capacitance Experiment (13.42 MB) EX-5533 Details
Electrostatic Charge Experiment (41.99 MB) EX-5532 Details
Magnetic Force on Wires Experiment (1.62 MB) EX-9933 Details
Ampere's Law Experiment (53.69 MB) EX-5552 Details
Faraday's Law Experiment (74.15 MB) EX-5541A Details
Magnetic Fields of Coils Experiment (57.08 MB) EX-5540A Details
Coulomb's Law Experiment (7.69 MB) EX-9930B Details
Earth's Magnetic Field Experiment (15.72 MB) EX-5539A Details
Charge of an Electron Experiment (965.86 KB) EX-9929A Details
Kirchhoff's Circuit Laws Experiment (80.53 MB) EX-5538 Details
LRC Series Circuits and Resonance Experiment (22.92 MB) EX-5537 Details
RC Circuit Experiment (432.70 KB) EX-5536 Details

Waves and Optics Experiments Back to Top

File Download Product Detail
Interference and Diffraction Experiment (14.83 MB) EX-5545A Details
Brewster's Angle Experiment (5.84 MB) EX-5544A Details
Polarization of Light Experiment (25.24 MB) EX-5543A Details
Vibrating Strings Experiment (8.47 MB) EX-5542 Details
Speed of Light Experiment (960.75 KB) EX-9932A Details
Telescope Microscope Experiment (696.16 KB) EX-9988 Details
Reflection and Refraction Experiment (9.12 MB) EX-9987 Details
Waves Experiment (1.10 MB) EX-9952 Details
Light Intensity vs Distance Experiment (6.90 MB) EX-5547A Details

Quantum Experiments Back to Top

File Download Product Detail
Hall Effect Experiment (18.44 MB) EX-5560 Details
Photoelectric Effect Experiment (8.31 MB) EX-5549A Details
Zeeman Effect Experiment (190.43 MB) EX-5562 Details
Franck Hertz Experiment (20.70 MB) EX-5561 Details
Atomic Spectra Experiment (13.32 MB) EX-5546B Details