Franck Hertz 110
Franck Hertz 110
Franck-Hertz Apparatus
This diagram shows the internal structure of the Franck-Hertz tube and the wiring diagram.
Franck-Hertz Apparatus
U.S. Educator Price

As early as 1914, James Franck and Gustav Hertz discovered in the course of their investigations an energy loss in distinct steps for electrons passing through mercury vapor and a corresponding emission at the ultraviolet line of mercury.

What's Included
  • 1x Franck-Hertz Tube Enclosure with Argon Tube
  • 1x DC Power Supply I (Constant Voltage)
  • 1x DC Power Supply II (Constant Voltage)
  • 1x DC Current Amplifier
  • 1x Red and Black Patch Cords
  • 2x Interface Cables