PASCO Website

The PASCO website displays YouTube videos in Privacy-enhanced mode. Briefly, the privacy-enhanced mode is Google's way to provide YouTube videos in a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant way, without sending data-collecting cookies. From Google:

"Privacy-enhanced mode allows you to embed YouTube videos without using cookies to track viewing behavior. This means that viewing activity isn't collected to personalize the viewing experience. Instead, video recommendations are contextual and related to the currently played video. Videos playing in a privacy-enhanced mode embedded player won't influence the viewer's browsing experience on YouTube."

In regards to Student Privacy, the Privacy-enhanced mode also prevents data-collecting cookies from collecting any personally identifiable student information.

Software & Curriculum

PASCO will mark as “Made for Kids” all videos served by YouTube that are embedded or linked to within software and curriculum products that are served to students. The “Made for Kids” marking allows the videos to comply with the various on-line student privacy laws.