Students need modern tools and technology to succeed in STEM. At PASCO, we have been creating and manufacturing award-winning, hands-on science education tools and datalogging solutions since 1964. With our unique blend of dedication and experience, we think no one combines innovative, easy-to-use products with world-class support like we do.


Our very first product, the PASCO Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus, set the bar for our company: to create innovative products that exceed existing offerings or that are completely new to the marketplace. We continually strive to accomplish that goal, while helping educators stretch their budgets as far as possible, without compromising quality.

For the first few decades, our focus was on first-rate physics apparatus, something that is still one of our hallmarks. PASCO remains the premier supplier of high quality apparatus for physics and engineering labs. Eventually we branched out, as we became one of the first companies to offer sensors, interfaces, and data collection and analysis software. From there our product line has continued to grow. Anywhere we see an opportunity to put modern tools in the hands of science educators and students, we develop the best products in the market to fit that need.

The drive to innovate continues today. When creating new products, our first questions are “How will this help teachers and students?” and “What makes this product different?” Our line of wireless sensors and the innovative Smart Cart, as well as our new interactive textbooks, continue our tradition of doing our best to serve science education.

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