PASCO Wireless Sensors

Wireless Sensors

Our rugged, low-cost wireless sensors connect directly to computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and mobile devices to allow students to quickly collect data, leaving more time for analyzing and interpreting data.

Empowering Educators & Students

  • Effortlessly pair to computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones
  • Cross-platform software that doesn't require an interface
  • Simple enough for young learners with robust features for advanced applications
  • Long battery life with infrequent or no charging

The PASCO Advantage

  • Innovative products such as the Smart Cart, Modular Circuits and Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS
  • Logging mode for long term experiments
  • Hundreds of free labs for download in our Digital Library
  • PASCO-ensured quality and backed by our five-year warranty

Our Growing Line of Wireless Sensors

Software for Data Collection & Analysis

We are constantly working to make our award-winning software the best it can be. Free upgrades often improve your existing wireless sensors - increasing battery life, adding features or making them even easier to use.


Easy-to-use, cross platform solution. Intuitive enough for younger learners, but it has powerful analysis tools that are there when you need them for advanced courses.

  • Free app for Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets & Phones
  • For Mac® and Windows®
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PASCO Capstone Logo

Designed from the ground up to be the premier software available for high level physics and engineering applications or for anyone that wants the advanced capabilities it offers.

  • Site license includes student home use
  • For Mac® and Windows®
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Independent Datalogging

In logging mode wireless sensors collect data to their onboard memory for hours, days, weeks or even months at a time without needing to be connected to a computer, tablet, Chromebook or smartphone.

When the experiment is concluded, simply connect the sensor to a device running PASCO software and download all the measurements it recorded.

Wireless logging with temp sensor

How much does a wind shield screen affect the temperature inside a car on a hot day? Using Wireless Temperature Sensors in logging mode makes it easy to find out.

Helpful Resources

Getting Started Videos

Our extensive library of videos has product rundowns, ideas for engaging lab activities and tips and help to get the most out of your wireless sensors.

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Experiment Library

Hundreds of free experiments and lab activities. Search by subject and grade level or by specific PASCO products. Download editable student labs, teacher notes with setup instructions, SPARKvue or Capstone software configuration files and more.

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Connecting PASPORT Sensors

Have existing PASCO sensors or need a measurement that we don’t yet have a wireless sensor for? Our low-cost Airlink interface accepts all of the more than 70 PASPORT® Sensors and connects directly to your device via USB or Bluetooth 4.

Our full line of PASPORT sensors can be used separately or in conjunction with our wireless sensors.

  • Can connect via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth® to computers, tablets and/or smart phones.
  • Compatible with SPARKvue and PASCO Capstone software.
  • Accepts all PASPORT sensors. Most Science Workshop sensors can be used with the proper adapter.

Reviews & Awards

EdTech Round Up

“Outstanding” Review from Ed Tech’s “The Round Up”

In September of 2016, Michael Karlin reviewed our wireless sensors in The Ed Tech’s “The Round Up”. He touched on how easy it is to get connected, SPARKvue software, our free experiments, professional development resources and more.

"If you are need of data collection instruments for your school, regardless of the type of devices that are being used in your classrooms, I absolutely recommend considering PASCO Scientific’s new wireless probes."

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Tech and Learning Award
BETT Finalist Award
Tech and Learning Award
Tech and Learning Award