High School Chemistry Lab

Award-Winning Solutions for Your Chemistry Lab

PASCO provides chemistry educators with the most complete and innovative classroom solutions on the market. Our goal is to provide teachers with affordable, turnkey STEM solutions by combining versatile sensors with interactive, NGSS-based curriculum.

Our wireless sensors use cross-platform compatibility to display experimental data live on class devices, while our textbook + interactive e-book reinforce student engagement at home. With PASCO, educators can expect comprehensive solutions for their educational needs at prices they can afford.

Browse our complete catalog for innovative ways to engage your students. For teacher support, check out our Teacher Guides or contact one of our friendly Customer Support representatives.

Featured Products

Affordable Colorimetry
Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor

Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor

Visualize absorbance like never before with versatile, live data. Durable, affordable, and engaging, this device allows students to track reaction rates, concentrations, and more.

Predictably Perfect Titrations
Wireless Drop Counter

Wireless Drop Counter

Designed for fast-paced, high school experimentation, the Wireless Drop Counter takes the guesswork out of titrations and helps students maintain accuracy.

Spectrometry for Everyone
Wireless Spectrometer (VIS)

Wireless Spectrometer (VIS)

Complete with free software, PASCO’s compact and affordable Wireless Spectrometer is making spectrometry accessible to everyone.

Modernized Thermometer
Wireless Temperature Sensor

Wireless Temperature Sensor

With this modernized thermometer, students can focus on the more important aspects of multi-step experiments, while their device collects temperature data.

Real-Time pH
Wireless pH Sensor

Wireless pH Sensor

Eliminate the need for manual data recording, and increase student engagement with live data from our Wireless pH Sensor.

Wireless Current Sensor

Wireless Current Sensor

The Wireless Current Sensor simplifies electrochemistry experiments by providing students with a wireless current source and live data tracking on their device.

Complete Chemistry Curriculum

Get a complete Essential Chemistry print and digital curriculum with PASCO equipment for the price of most textbooks!

  • Includes hardcover textbook plus fully interactive e-book
  • Meets 100% of your state standards and supports NGSS and STEM
  • Includes Infinite Test Bank
  • Technology works on all platforms
  • Interactive simulations and equations + embedded animations
  • Works seamlessly with your LMS and Google Classroom
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Chemistry Lab Stations

Seamlessly integrate sensor technology into any learning model with standards-based labs and sensors from PASCO’s Chemistry Lab Stations! Includes:

  • 10 standards-aligned investigations, wireless sensors, coding extension activities, and a storage tray
  • Distance learning experiment videos and data files for all 10 investigations
  • Digital access to the Essential Chemistry Student and Teacher Lab Manuals
  • Digital access to the Advanced Chemistry Through Inquiry Teacher Guide
  • Combine sensors from the Starter Lab Station and Extension Lab Station to perform more experiments from the Essential Chemistry Student and Teacher Lab Manuals
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Essential Chemistry Student Lab Manual

Essential Chemistry Student Lab Manual

Are you looking for better hands-on chemistry labs? The Essential Chemistry Laboratory Investigations Student Manual includes 73 labs activities that cover a full year of chemistry topics. Download experiments or see bundled kits we have provided for this product.

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