For more than 55 years, we have been working with educators to provide cutting-edge educational tools that engage students in active learning. When you choose PASCO products, you enter a partnership complete with free online teacher support, webinars, and curricular solutions. In this fast-paced market, educational trends come and go, but PASCO remains dedicated to providing engaging and effective tools designed by educators for educators.
Signature and Featured Products

Signature and Featured Products

Our team of educators, scientists, and engineers consistently collaborate to provide you with products that are user-friendly, effective, and affordable. These products engage students in active learning to facilitate the development of critical thinking skills, design thinking, and science literacy.

Data Collection & Analysis

Sensors and Datalogging

We work with educators to develop user-friendly sensors, software, interfaces, and dataloggers that effectively eliminate manual data recording to facilitate quality scientific analysis. Our products generate live, interactive data that shift the experimental focus to understanding concepts and developing in-depth analysis skills.

Curriculum and Bundles

Curriculum and Bundles

PASCO offers two complete and affordable curriculum solutions: Essential Chemistry and Essential Physics. Both solutions include a Student Textbook, Student e-Book, Student Lab Manual, all-digital Teacher e-Resources, and Equipment. These modern STEM programs include a full year of instruction for both General, Honors, AP®, and IB® courses.

Lab Equipment and Supplies

Lab Apparatus and Supplies

At PASCO, we love modernizing classic apparatus, creating groundbreaking demonstrations, and sometimes, just having fun. Whether you’re searching for supplies, such as clamps and glassware, or high-quality apparatus, like launchers and cloud chambers, we’re sure to have a PASCO engineered solution for you.

Clearance Items

Clearance and Soon to Be Discontinued

With all our innovation, sometimes high-quality products are gradually retired. Luckily, this means you can get PASCO quality products at a clearance price!

PASCO Catalogs

Explore Our 2021 Catalogs

Explore our 2021 Digital Catalog for the latest Science and STEM Technology Solutions. Our new digital flipbook catalogs have the convenience of 24/7 online access, with the friendly, familiar catalog look-and-feel. The FREE flipbook catalog is searchable, shareable, and connected to our online store.