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PASCO’s mission is to provide educators and students with innovative tools to teach and learn science. As a global leader in STEM education, PASCO has been transforming science education and student learning with award-winning sensor technology, software, programming, and curriculum that promote science inquiry and 21st century readiness skills. Today teachers and students worldwide use PASCO solutions for physics, biology, chemistry, earth science, and environmental science.

College & University

Explore all of PASCO’s products and experiments for University and College Physics, Engineering, Biology, and Chemistry.

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High School

Discover PASCO products and experiments for High School Physics, Chemistry, Biology, as well as Earth and Environmental Sciences, including AP® and IB®.

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Middle School & Elementary

Delve into PASCO’s rich offerings for Middle School Life, Earth, and Physical Sciences, as well as Elementary Science.

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STEM Education

Explore PASCO’s STEM offerings, which include our award-winning sensor technology, software, programming, and curriculum.

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