Instrumentation for Your Chemistry Lab

PASCO is proud to provide cutting-edge technology for undergraduate chemistry labs across the globe. Our wireless sensors decrease bench clutter and simplify data collection, enabling students to better understand experimental concepts.

Our products provide rapid, highly accurate results, which makes them powerful tools for labs constrained by time and financial resources. Whether you’re looking for an affordable spectrometer or colorimeter, or just hoping to clean up your lab, PASCO has your solution.

Chemistry Lab Equipment

Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity

Wireless Colorimeter Top View

The Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor measures absorbance and transmittance at six different wavelengths, and it also samples turbidity. This sensor is among the most affordable on the market and enables students to collect live data on their own devices. It is an exceptional choice for improving student-to-technology ratios in undergraduate labs.

  • Connectivity: USB or Bluetooth®
  • Detection Range: ±25 nm from peak
  • Peak Wavelength Values: 650 nm, 600 nm, 570 nm, 550 nm, 500 nm, 450 nm
  • Absorbance: 0-3 Abs units
  • Transmittance: 0-100%
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Wireless Spectrometer

Spectrometer Top View

The Wireless Spectrometer measures emission spectra, intensity, absorbance, transmittance, and fluorescence. It easily connects to students’ devices and utilizes free PASCO software to display data and generate standard curves. Data is collected in less than a second, making it ideal for undergraduate labs constrained by time and technological resources.

  • Connectivity: USB or Bluetooth®
  • Fiber optic cable for emission spectra
  • Resolution: 2-3 nm FWHM
  • Range: 380-950 nm
  • 2 Fluorescence Excitation Wavelengths: 405 nm and 500 nm
  • Light Source: LED-boosted tungsten
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Add the Wireless Drop Counter to your lab for more efficient and accurate titration data.

Titrations are a difficult activity for undergraduates, due to their long, tedious nature and inconsistent results. The Wireless Drop Counter saves time and reduces titration failure by counting up to 10 titrant drops per second through the drop window. With designated slots for pH and temperature sensors, the Wireless Drop Counter also facilitates better titration organization.

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