Elementary School Science Lab

PASCO's Sensor-based Solutions for Elementary Science

At PASCO, we develop STEM solutions so simple and accessible that they can be utilized by even the youngest of scientists. Our wireless sensors and experimental solutions are the perfect way to introduce elementary students to inquiry-based discovery learning, without overwhelming them. Simply sync the sensor with your device, press start, and live data recording begins.

With our NGSS-based solutions, students of all ages are engaged in the active learning process as they navigate their way through discovery-based exercises that form lasting STEM foundations. Browse our complete catalog for innovative ways to engage your students. For teacher support, check out our Teacher Guides or contact one of our friendly Customer Support representatives.

Featured Products

Simple 1:1 Solution
Wireless Temperature Sensor

Wireless Temperature Sensor

The Wireless Temperature Sensor is affordable, durable, versatile, and easy to use, making it ideal for introductory 1:1 activities.

Hands-on Light Sensor
Wireless Light Sensor

Wireless Light Sensor

This plug-and-play sensor is an accessible and fun way to introduce elementary students to subjects such as light waves, energy transformation, photosynthetic light requirements, and more.

Interactive Weather Study
Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS

Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS

The Wireless Weather Sensor contains GPS and 19 measurements that enable classes to explore various NGSS-based topics with a hands-on, interactive approach that keeps students engaged.

Elementary Science Lab Stations

Engage young learners in the investigation of natural phenomena with technology and activities from PASCO Lab Stations!

  • Includes 10 standards-aligned investigations, wireless sensors, coding extension activities, and a storage tray
  • Supports distance learning with video recordings and data files for all 10 investigations
  • Grants digital access to the Essential Middle School Science Lab Manual
  • Combine sensors from the Starter Lab Station and Extension Lab Station to perform all 10 labs from the Essential Middle School Science Lab Manual.
Video Introduction Product Detail
Elementary School Science Teacher Guide

Elementary School Science Teacher Guide

Features 29 inquiry based labs designed for elementary students and coordinated with the standards for life, earth and physical sciences. Download experiments or see bundled kits we have provided for this product.

Product Detail