Showing 94 experiments that use the Wireless Temperature Sensor.

Middle School / STEM

Blockly Extension: Chemical Reactions

In this activity, students develop a Blockly program that determines whether a chemical change is occurring using temperature readings.

High School / Chemistry

Phase Change

Students will use a wireless temperature sensor to determine the affect of phase change on the temperature of a substance.

Advanced Placement / Biology


In this lab, students investigate the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis in terms of body temperature by testing the body's response to...

High School / Chemistry

Investigating the Temperature scale

How are the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales related?

High School / Chemistry

Physical or Chemical Change

How can we tell the difference between a chemical change and a physical change?

High School / Chemistry

Temperature and Thermal Energy

What is the difference between thermal energy and temperature?

High School / Chemistry

Energy from Food

How much energy is stored in your food?

High School / Chemistry

Project: Design an Insulator

In this lab, students will use a variety of materials to design an insulated container capable of keeping a solution from cooling more than 2...

High School / Chemistry

Specific Heat

Combining equal masses of the same substance with different temperatures will produce a mixture with a temperature that is an average of the...

High School / Chemistry

Heat of Fusion

Why does the temperature of an ice/water mix stay the same as the ice melts?

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