Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus

The PASCO Story

The original PASCO in Paul's Garage
The original Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus in Paul's Garage
The PASCO team in 1975
The PASCO team in 1975

At PASCO, our mission is to provide educators with innovative ways to teach and learn science, so hands-on, inquiry-based science is built into our DNA. PASCO started as a science fair project in my college dorm room, expanded into my family’s garage, and ultimately grew into our headquarters in Roseville, California.

It has been very rewarding to work with talented educators for over 55 years. Today we are a global leader in hands-on science, as we serve educators and students in more than 100 countries. We work with individual instructors, science departments, and ministries of education to transform science education. And our solutions continue to be the choice of science and engineering programs at universities and colleges around the world.

On behalf of the entire PASCO team of almost 200 teachers, researchers, engineers, and professionals, and our Global Science Education Partners around the world, I thank you for your dedication to science education. We are ready to help you inspire the next generation of science learners, and we support you in preparing your students for their future.

PASCO Signature Series Apparatus

We Are Your Physics Lab Experts!

Why Do Colleges and Universities Worldwide Come to Us for Lab Upgrades and Renovations?

Whether you are starting a new lab, renovating your existing one, or adding a single experiment, physics instructors around the globe rely on PASCO. With our state-of-the-art equipment, students can now perform classic physics experiments using the latest measuring technology.

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  • Our Quality Apparatus is covered by our 5-Year Warranty.

Your Most Trusted Source for Quality Physics Apparatus and Instrumentation

PASCO has decades of experience designing and manufacturing high quality physics equipment. Because our product development team includes physics instructors with classroom experience, we understand the challenges you face in your lab every day. The hardware and software we develop is specifically designed for just one thing: teaching physics.

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About This Signature Series

We would like to share our journey and PASCO’s product development history, from our very first product, the Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus, to our most recent iteration of classic physics experiments, such as Ampere’s Law. The following pages will give you some insight into our creative process and help explain why physics teachers everywhere consider us first for their lab needs.