Ampere's Law
The path taken can be any shape, provided that it is a closed path. The suggested dotted path shown is not marked on the apparatus.
Ampere's Law
Area under B vs. Distance curve = μo (# of coil turns enclosed in path) (Current)
Ampere's Law
No current enclosed: Area is zero.
Ampere's Law
Current enclosed: Area is μo NI.
U.S. Educator Price

Students can verify Ampere’s Law experimentally by graphing the magnetic field strength that is tangent to the path taken along a closed path that encloses a current source.

What's Included
  • 1x Ampere's Law Accessory
  • 1x Wireless Magnetic Field Sensor
  • 1x Wireless Rotary Motion Sensor
  • 1x 500-Turn Field Coil
  • 1x Zero Gauss Chamber