Many years ago, PASCO got its start as a science fair project. Since the introduction of our first product, the Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus, PASCO has grown into a science education company that is completely committed to student learning.

Hands-on, inquiry-based science is built into our company DNA. Very simply, our mission is to provide students and educators worldwide with innovative ways to teach and learn science.

PASCO started in my college dorm room, expanded into my family’s garage, and ultimately grew into our headquarters in Roseville, California. It has been quite a rewarding journey to work with talented educators on every continent. Today PASCO is the global leader in developing technology-based solutions for hands-on science, and we serve educators and students in more than 100 countries around the world. We work with individual teachers to transform science teaching and learning in their classrooms, and we work with ministries of education to transform science learning for entire countries. Our solutions continue to be the first choice of science and engineering programs at universities and colleges around the world.

Paul's science fair project

The PASCO Mission:

“Providing educators worldwide with innovative technology and solutions for teaching science and our full support of those solutions in schools.”

Paul Stokstad
Paul Stokstad
Paul A. Stokstad

It’s been many years since that first science fair project, but I can still remember the thrill of discovery. It is my great wish that we can help students of every age and in every country have an authentic science experience. We look forward to the privilege of working with you.

On behalf of our entire team of almost 200 teachers, researchers, engineers, and professionals at PASCO Scientific and our Global Science Education Partners around the world, I thank you for your dedication to science education. We are ready to help you inspire the next generation of science learners, and we support you in shaping your science program for the 21st century.