Featured Solutions for your Biology Lab

At PASCO, we create groundbreaking, wireless sensors and software for biology labs around the world. Our products pair powerful performance capabilities with small footprints to provide users with a new world of opportunity. Our wireless sensors have cross-platform compatibility, long battery lives, and highly accurate results, making them ideal for both lab and field applications. Users control their sensors with their personal devices, enabling them to view and analyze data anytime, anywhere.

PASCO’s Wireless Spectrometer & Free Software

PASCO’s affordable Wireless Spectrometer makes it possible for all undergraduates to get valuable, hands-on spectrometry experience. With an absorbance range of 380–950 nm and fluorescence excitation at 405 nm and 500 nm, the Wireless Spectrometer facilitates numerous biological experiments. Data is collected and analyzed on the user’s device with Spectrometry software that allows the user to visualize absorbance and generate standard curves for quicker concentration analysis.

Upgrade Your Field Tools with Wireless, Cross-Platform Sensors

We all expect the unexpected during field work, but a malfunctioning sensor can be detrimental to research. With their long battery life, durability, and cross-platform compatibility, PASCO’s wireless sensors provide rapid and reliable field data. These sensors are compact enough for backpack storage and sync to personal devices for live data recording that is not dependent on Wi-Fi. Whether you’re testing simple parameters such as pH and temperature, or completing colorimetric analysis on the go, PASCO’s sensors are reliable and affordable.

Wireless Conductivity Sensor

Wireless Conductivity Sensor Product Details

Wireless pH Sensor

pH Sensor Product Details

Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity

Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor Product Details

Wireless Weather Sensor

Wireless Weather Sensor Product Details