Colorimeter and Turbidity
Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity
Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor
Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor
Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity sensor classroom experiment.
Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor
Wireless Colorimeter used in Biology experiment
Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor
Colorimeter SPARKvue Screen
Measure the absorbance and transmittance of a solution at six different wavelengths... simultaneously!
Colorimeter SPARKvue Screen
Graphically analyze how a reaction changes over time. Use SPARKvue to see multiple measurements on the same graph.
Colorimeter SPARKvue Screen
Create Beer’s Law plots to help students understand the relationship between absorbance and concentration.
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This sensor can function as a turbidimeter or colorimeter and is capable of measuring absorbance and transmittance at six different wavelengths.

What's Included
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 9x Cuvettes and Caps
  • 2x Cuvette Rack
  • 1x 100 NTU Calibration Cuvette
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