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Middle School / STEM

Blockly Extension: pH

In this activity, students create a Blockly program that displays a solution's pH alongside a text description of the solution (base, acid, or...

Middle School / STEM

Blockly Extension: Chemical Reactions

In this activity, students develop a Blockly program that determines whether a chemical change is occurring using temperature readings.

High School / Physics

Transistor as an Amplifier

Students investigate the properties of a transistor with current and voltage sensors. They use their observations to describe the behavior of...

High School / Physics

Properties of Diodes

Students investigate the properties of a diode with current and voltage sensors. They use their observations to describe the behavior of a diode.

High School / Physics

Newton's Second Law

Students measure the force on a cart and its resulting acceleration for a modified Atwood machine. They vary the weight on the hanger and create...

High School / Physics

Intensity of Light

Students measure the intensity of a light source vs distance. Using their data they explore the mathematical relationship between intensity and...

High School / Physics

Ohm's Law

Students measure the current and voltage across a resistor while varying the output voltage. A graph of voltage vs current will reveal Ohm's...

High School / Chemistry

Varying Reaction Rates

Students will use a wireless temperature link with a fast response temperature probe to investigate how different temperatures affect the rate...

High School / Physics

Change in Kinetic Energy

Students measure the force from the Smart Fan, then investigate the relationship between the change in kinetic energy and the distance traveled....

College / Physics

Tunnel Demonstration

This demonstration shows that the ball can be caught by the cart even if the cart passes through a tunnel while the ball is in the air. The tunnel...

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