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Our award-winning, hands-on science tools and datalogging solutions connect your students directly to science and STEM concepts with classroom technology such as sensors, interfaces, and data collection and analysis software. We also design and manufacture high quality lab equipment for physics and engineering and offer curriculum solutions (textbooks, e-books, and integrated lab technology) for physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, and K-8 Science.

PASCO Science and STEM Technologies

Our award-winning Wireless Sensors utilize Bluetooth Low Energy technology and effortlessly sync with Mac and Windows, smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks to display live, interactive data.

PASCO Physics Apparatus and Instrumentation
  • Mechanics
  • Fluids & Density
  • Rotation
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Waves & Optics
  • Quantum
  • Data Collection
  • Lab Supplies
PASCO Curriculum Solutions

Essential Physics and Essential Chemistry were developed by our team of educators, scientists, and curriculum developers to provide students with modernized textbooks that educators can afford. Both programs include a student textbook, e-book, digital teacher resources, lab manuals, and equipment kits.

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Happy Holidays from PASCO!

Happy holidays from PASCO! A special thank you to the incredible educators we support, and a story about how we celebrated the holidays in classic 2020 fashion.

Standing Wave Phenomena

Visualize waves and wave behavior in real time with an interactive standing wave demonstration. Not only are the results amazing, but it provides a rare opportunity for students to get hands-on with complex wave phenomena. 

PASCO //code.Node Receives Four-Star Review in Physics Education

PASCO’s turnkey coding solution, the //code.Node, recently received a four-star review in the November issue of Physics Education.

Lab Activities & Experiments

Weight Drop Launch

Students will investigate how a weight drop launch style of roller coaster works using a //code.Node Cart. Additionally, they will create a Blockly program that triggers data recording to stop once a negative...

Heat of Fusion of Ice

This lab investigates the concept of conservation of energy as applied to calorimetry: In a closed system, the sum ofall materials that gain (absorb) energy must equal the sum of all materials that lose...


This lab investigates the concept of entropy as applied to calorimetry. The relationship between entropy andspontaneous processes is investigated.

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PASCO Scientific has been an innovator in science education and science lab equipment for over 50 years.

What began as a science fair project has become a trusted source for high quality school laboratory equipment in the United States and around the globe. We carry lab supplies for your physics classroom and chemistry lab, as well as supplies for biology, life science, engineering, and environmental science. Request a catalog!

For the educational physics lab we invented carts and tracks, which are now standard teaching tools used worldwide. Our technology leadership continues with the award-winning Smart Cart, which removes the wires while providing new ways to study kinematics on and off the track. We also carry just about all laboratory supplies, from rods, clamps, and Ohaus balances to mass and hanger sets and laboratory glassware. See our full offering of lab supplies.

For the chemistry lab we have the equipment you need: test tubes, ring stands, pH meters, digital microscopes, and much more. We also have test kits for environmental sciences and science kits for electricity, waves, machines, and more.