Physical Pendulum Experiment
Physical Pendulum Experiment
Apply a known torque and measure the angular acceleration to calculate the moment of inertia of the object. Multiple holes in the plate allow investigation of the Parallel Axis Theorem.
Physical Pendulum Experiment
Unique design allows pivot exactly at the edge. Measure the period of the thick ring oscillating at either the inner or outer radius.
Physical Pendulum Experiment
The Pendulum Bar has holes spaced at 2 cm intervals. A graph of Oscillation Period vs. Pivot Hole Position shows that there is a unique placement that gives a minimum period. This location can be verified using calculus.
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The complete solution for determining the period of a physical pendulum. This complete solution is designed for use with PASCO Capstone Software.

What's Included
  • 1x Large Rod Base
  • 1x 45 cm Stainless Steel Rod
  • 1x Physical Pendulum Set
  • 1x PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor