Interference and Diffraction
Interference and Diffraction of Light Experiment
The laser interference pattern is scanned by hand with a Light Sensor on a Linear Translator.
Interference and Diffraction
Students view the laser pattern while simultaneously seeing the graph drawn on the screen.
Interference and Diffraction
A computer scan of a double-slit interference pattern (slit width 0.08 mm and slit separation 0.50 mm) is shown at left. A photograph of the actual laser pattern is shown above.
U.S. Educator Price

The complete solution for examining interference and diffraction patterns from laser light passing through various single-slits and multiple-slits.

What's Included
  • 1x 1.2 m Optics Track
  • 1x Precision Diffraction Slits
  • 1x Red Diode Laser
  • 1x Aperture Bracket
  • 1x Linear Translator
  • 1x PASPORT High Sensitivity Light Sensor
  • 1x PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor