Pumping Systems Experiment
Two pumps are operated separately and then together in series and parallel.
Pumping Systems Experiment
The pressure is measured just above the pump as the water velocity is varied.
Pumping Systems
For this experiment, the water is pumped through the short section of pipe through valves #6 and #8. The water velocity is measured using the Venturi tube attached to the General Flow sensor. The pressure at the pump is measured for different velocities and a pump curve is created (at right). The maximum head is recorded. Then two pumps are operated at the same time. The effects of pumps in series and in parallel are explored.
Pumping Systems Screen
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In this experiment, students determine the characteristic curves for two pumps and examine the impact of placing pumps in series and in parallel.

What's Included
  • 1x General Flow Sensor
  • 1x Venturi Tube
  • 1x PASPORT Dual Pressure Sensor
  • 10x Pressure Taps (set of 5)
  • 2x Water Pump
What to Consider

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