Kirchhoffs Circuit Law Experiment
Kirchhoffs Circuit Law Experiment
Students control output from the 850 signal generators directly from the user interface in PASCO Capstone. Students compare the current flow through each resistor to the total current output from the 850.
Kirchhoffs Circuit Law Experiment
The high speed of the 850 Universal Interface, in scope mode, allows the examination of time varying voltages in an RC circuit to verify that Kirchhoff’s loop theorem holds even when voltage is not constant.
U.S. Educator Price

The complete solution for examining AC and DC circuits to validate Kirchhoff's Laws.

What's Included
  • 1x Resistor Capacitor Inductor Network
  • 3x Voltage Sensor (unshrouded)
  • 2x Current Probe
  • 8x Banana Plug Cord Sets, 30 cm Length