Polarization Experiment
A laser beam passes throughtwo polarizers to a Light Sensor.
Polarization of Light Experiment
A three-polarizer system can be produced using the fact that the laser is polarized. The data (red trace) at left shows that there are four oscillations per full rotation for a three-polarizer system.
Polarization of Light Experiment
As the polarizer is rotated, the intensity of the light varies as the square of the cosine of the angle between the two polarizers.
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The complete solution for verifying Malus’ Law of Polarization.

What's Included
  • 1x Polarization Analyzer
  • 1x Optics Benches (60 cm)
  • 1x Red Diode Laser
  • 1x PASPORT High Sensitivity Light Sensor
  • 1x PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor
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