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Blog Post:  The Reason for Seasons.

One of the most persistent misconceptions in science is that the seasons are dictated by the distance of the Earth from the Sun. 

Shed some light light (both figuratively and literally) on the real reason with this simple activity using a light bulb, a meter stick, a globe, a bit of velcro and our new Wireless Light Sensor.

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Blog Post: Star War Biomes

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Luke, Han and Yoda explored planets with alien societies and life forms. We’re restricted to exploring Earth (for now), but we are lucky to inhabit a planet that is full of diversity. And there’s no need for a transport ship for your Padawans to explore our world. We can have them model and measure different biomes using the EcoZones™ and some sensors. Like Luke’s journey to becoming a Jedi, our students journey can start in a Tatooine-like desert environment.

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