Showing 43 experiments that use the Wireless pH Sensor.

High School / Chemistry

Titration Curves

Students will use a pH sensor and a drop counter to explore the shape of a titration curve produced by a strong acid and a weak acid when titrated...

High School / ChemistryPhysical Science

pH of Household Chemicals

Students will use a pH sensor to determine the pH of common household substances.

Advanced Placement / Biology

Enzyme Activity

In this lab, students investigate the catalyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by catalase or peroxidase using a pressure sensor to monitor...

Advanced Placement / Biology


In this lab, students investigate the diffusion of ions through a semipermeable membrane using apple cider vinegar and a pH sensor.

High School / Chemistry

Physical or Chemical Change

How can we tell the difference between a chemical change and a physical change?

High School / Chemistry

Chemical Reactions

What happens to atoms in a chemical equation?

High School / Chemistry

What is pH?

What are you measuring when you measure pH?

High School / Chemistry

Titration of an Unknown Acid

Can the concentration of an acid be determined by titration? How does the titration of a strong acid compare to the titration of a weak acid?

High School / Chemistry

Antacids: An Inquiry Study

How do antacids work to settle an upset stomach?

High School / Chemistry

Ocean Acidification

How does gaseous carbon dioxide affect the pH of the ocean?

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