Middle School / STEM

Blockly Extension: pH

In this activity, students create a Blockly program that displays a solution's pH alongside a text description of the solution (base, acid, or...

Middle School / STEM

Blockly Extension: Chemical Reactions

In this activity, students develop a Blockly program that determines whether a chemical change is occurring using temperature readings.

High School / Chemistry

Phase Change

Students will use a wireless temperature sensor to determine the affect of phase change on the temperature of a substance.

High School / ChemistryPhysical Science

Properties of Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Students will use hardness, melting point, solubility, and conductivity to determine the bond type present in unknown substances.

High School / ChemistryPhysical Science

pH of Household Chemicals

Students will use a pH sensor to determine the pH of common household substances.

Middle School / Physical Science

Archimedes' Principle

In this lab, students will use force sensors to measure the change in gravitational force on an object in the air and on that same object immersed...

Middle School / Physical Science

Boyle's Law

In this lab, students will use absolute pressure sensors to investigate how changes in the volume of a confined gas with constant temperature...

Middle School / Physical Science

Conservation of Matter

In this lab, students will use temperature and absolute pressure sensors to measure changes in temperature and pressure during an oxidation reaction.

Middle School / Physical Science

Energy Transfer

In this lab, students will use stainless steel temperature sensors to measure the transfer of heat energy from a candle flame through convection...

Middle School / Physical Science

Exploring Velocity and Inertia

In this lab, students will use motion sensors to measure the velocity of a cart as it travels down an inclined track and collides with an obstacle.

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