Showing 29 experiments that use the Wireless Conductivity Sensor.

High School / ChemistryPhysical Science

Properties of Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Students will use hardness, melting point, solubility, and conductivity to determine the bond type present in unknown substances.

Advanced Placement / Biology


In this lab, students will examine red onion tissue for evidence of plasmolysis in the cells. Students will observe plant tissue in three solutions...

Advanced Placement / Biology

Cell Size

In this lab, students will model the effect of cell size on diffusion using agarose cubes containing a high salt concentration. Agarose cubes...

High School / Chemistry

Physical or Chemical Change

How can we tell the difference between a chemical change and a physical change?

High School / Chemistry

Chemical Reactions

What happens to atoms in a chemical equation?

High School / Chemistry

Types of Bonding

How can we differentiate the types of bonds in chemical compounds?

High School / Chemistry


Sports drinks are marketed as beneficial because they contain electrolytes. What is the difference between an electrolyte and a non-electrolyte?...

High School / Chemistry

Project: Design a Purification Process

Use household items to purify water that contains macroscopic and microscopic contaminants. Successfully purified water has a clear colorless...

High School / Chemistry

The Water Cycle

What are the properties of water that drive the earth's water cycle? How does the water cycle transfer water molecules around the earth?

High School / Chemistry

Ocean Currents

How do density differences help to drive ocean currents? What role do temperature and salinity play in the density of ocean water?

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