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TechNote 53 - ME-9430 cart plunger does not catch.

TechNote 81 - How do I replace the lamp?

TechNote 82 - There is water on the inside of my lamp. What should I do?

TechNote 95 - I am having difficulties seeing the grid lines in the AP-8210 Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus.

TechNote 96 - Where can I get replacement oil for the Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus?

TechNote 97 - What is the solution used in the Isogenerator Kit?

TechNote 98 - Do the spectral tubes used with the SE-9460 attenuate UV?

TechNote 100 - Is Thorium 232 regulated?

TechNote 112 - The screen on my student timer is frozen. What can I do?

TechNote 113 - The screen on my student timer is garbled. What can I do?

TechNote 116 - What is the expected life span of the ink pen in the field mapper kit?

TechNote 125 - The belt to my Rotational Motor Drive fits very loosely around the rotating platform. What can I do?

TechNote 127 - I overloaded my analog meter and now it does not work. What can I do?

TechNote 128 - I overloaded my analog meter and now it does not work. What can I do?

TechNote 129 - I overloaded my analog meter and now it does not work. What can I do?

TechNote 130 - I overloaded my analog meter and now it does not work. What can I do?

TechNote 131 - I overloaded my analog meter and now it does not work. What can I do?

TechNote 132 - I overloaded my analog meter and now it does not work. What can I do?

TechNote 133 - I overloaded my analog meter and now it does not work. What can I do?

TechNote 134 - I overloaded my analog meter and now it does not work. What can I do?

TechNote 135 - I can not seem to zero my electrometer. What can I do?

TechNote 136 - What battery does the SE-8702B stopwatch use?

TechNote 137 - Which cart has magnets in it?

TechNote 143 - Is there a proper side to use for the SN-8110 sources?

TechNote 144 - Is there a proper side to use for the SN-7972 sources?

TechNote 145 - Is there a proper side to use for the SN-9085 alpha source?

TechNote 146 - How do you set the counting period for the SN-7928 within ScienceWorkshop software?

TechNote 156 - What is the procedure for installing the Adaptec AVA-1505 SCSI Card for use with the CI-7565 Science Workshop 750 interface when using Windows 95?

TechNote 158 - Everytime I boot my computer running Windows 95, I get a message about an unknown device. I always click cancel and the 750 interface is found by Science Workshop. How do I stop getting that message at startup?

TechNote 165 - Will the fan accessory (ME-9491) with wheel set (ME-9492) attached fit onto the dynamics track?

TechNote 166 - How do I vary the speed of the fan accessory (ME-9491)?

TechNote 168 - How do I specify the band spacing for the picket fence?

TechNote 169 - What is the best way to send the ME-9377A through the photogate?

TechNote 170 - How do I power down my student timers?

TechNote 174 - My SF-9324 Mechanical Wave Driver is not working properly. What can I do?

TechNote 176 - The wires to my sonometer don't fit, what can I do?

TechNote 180 - ScienceWorkshop Digital Plug Connections

TechNote 197 - Where can I get a replacement bulb for the OS-9286 Mercury Light Source?

TechNote 198 - Where can I get a replacement bulb for the OS-9287A Sodium Light Source?

TechNote 217 - I am interested in the heating resistor from the Thermodynamics Kit. Can I order the resistor separately?

TechNote 221 - I need a replacement ball for the ME-6825. Where can I order one?

TechNote 222 - I need a replacement ball for the ME-6800 projectile launcher. Where can I order one?

TechNote 223 - I need a replacement ball for the ME-6801 projectile launcher. Where can I order one?

TechNote 224 - I need a replacement ball for the ME-6823 projectile launcher. Where can I order one?

TechNote 234 - Motion sensor clicks, but the software records very small values when connected to a ScienceWorkshop interface on a laptop.

TechNote 261 - Where can I find Science Workshop experiment setups for the SE-7997 nuclear sensor?

TechNote 263 - Using the ME-9279A Rotational Apparatus with a ScienceWorkshop interface

TechNote 269 - What is the rated spectral tube lifetime?

TechNote 296 - The ME-9486 Ballistic Cart Accessory fails to cock.

TechNote 298 - The dots generated by the spark timer appear faint, despite the solenoid striking the paper.

TechNote 299 - My older ME-9215/ME-9206 Photogate Timers appear to be out of calibration. How can I recalibrate them?

TechNote 303 - What material is the h/e System's photodiode made of?

TechNote 312 - Launcher Distance Calculation

TechNote 314 - If one places a standard digitial multimeter on the output, one reads values that are only one tenth of those alleged by the ES-9049A.

TechNote 315 - The calibrated pH probe reads that pure water is acidic.

TechNote 316 - I have many extensions that I believe may be conflicting. How do I create an extension set with just the extensions that I need?

TechNote 320 - The Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus has an apparently inactive source. How may I repair this?

TechNote 343 - No output appears from the function generator when the unit is turned on.

TechNote 380 - Smart Pulley Technical Specifications

TechNote 398 - What is the electrical conductivity of the tube?

TechNote 400 - Van de Graaff Generator does not produce sparks.

TechNote 407 - How do I verify that my microwave transmitter-receiver system is working within specification?

TechNote 415 - How do I reduce the error that I am getting with the ME-8088?

TechNote 419 - Some units were shipped with the wrong size of springs.

TechNote 423 - Fan Guard Installation Instructions

TechNote 424 - What is the specification on accuracy of the angles of the prism?

TechNote 425 - Open Speaker Specifications

TechNote 434 - What is the speed of the Constant Speed Buggy?

TechNote 452 - The Free Fall Accessory times erratically.

TechNote 456 - How do I prevent the Ohaus balances from powering off during an experiment?

TechNote 459 - The Demo Centripetal Force Accessory bracket does not appear to fit on the IDS track.

TechNote 470 - Ohaus Scout Pro Balance with USB Adapter is not recognized by DataStudio.

TechNote 478 - How do I measure the sodium doublet with DataStudio?

TechNote 481 - Where can I obtain product manuals?

TechNote 492 - What is the index of refraction as a function of wavelength for the blackbody prism?

TechNote 494 - How do I replace the bulb in the OS-8517(A) light source.

TechNote 512 - The voltage does not change when the voltage adjustment dial is turned.

TechNote 513 - Where may I obtain the drivers for my Scout balance?

TechNote 519 - Bounce/No Bounce Specifications

TechNote 521 - Specifications

TechNote 524 - Anemometer Specifications

TechNote 529 - calculator functions in DataStudio / SPARK / PASCO Capstone

TechNote 530 - The ScienceWorkshop 750 interface (USB) stops communicating with the host computer.

TechNote 537 - What is the pinout for Photogates?

TechNote 552 - Electrostatics Voltage Source voltages are lower than rated.

TechNote 554 - Drop Shoot Accessory bracket fits too loosely on the Projectile Launcher.

TechNote 562 - Voltage from ground to the 0V terminal is 500VDC. Voltage from ground to the -50V terminal is 550VDC.

TechNote 571 - Time scale reads incorrectly when using an Ocean Optics Spectrometer with the GLX.

TechNote 584 - What is the recommended lubrication procedure for the PASCO carts?

TechNote 591 - The ET-8772 mounting screws are too short.

TechNote 592 - How do I calculate salinity from temperature and conductivity?

TechNote 594 - Repair/Replacement

TechNote 595 - When I use DataStudio(version on a computer with a trackpad, DataStudio will randomly indicate the it encountered a problem and must close.

TechNote 596 - How do I calibrate the PASPort conductivity sensor?

TechNote 599 - Calibration does not work with multi-measure sensors on the GLX, when a probe corresponding to a prior measurement in the measurement list has been disconnected.

TechNote 613 - When installing DataStudio 1.9 or higher on a computer running Windows Vista Business Edition an error message appears saying MSVBVM50.DLL is missing and the install fails.

TechNote 616 - What humidity is acceptable for electrostatics experiments?

TechNote 619 - VideoPoint Physics Fundamentals FAQ

TechNote 639 - GDM 10 Gamma Spectrometer Configuration

TechNote 647 - Electronic Chaos Apparatus Configuration

TechNote 651 - Coil Specifications

TechNote 656 - Geiger-Müller Theory of Operation

TechNote 657 - Hover Puck Battery Life

TechNote 659 - ME-6839 Error Codes

TechNote 997 - SE-8705 Mass Set Accuracy

TechNote 998 - Ocean Optics Spectrometer Comparison

TechNote 999 - Area moments of inertia for beams ME-9891 and ME-8987.

TechNote 1000 - Thermopile Sensor Response

TechNote 1003 - ME-8750 Motor Specifications

TechNote 1013 - The 2-axis force platform does not show changing parallel forces.

TechNote 1014 - How does the thermistor operate?

TechNote 1015 - DataStudio and the Xplorer GLX calculator functions will return real values for the log, ln, and square root of negative numbers.

TechNote 1022 - Sine Wave Generator output is not measurable.

TechNote 1027 - Photogate cable for photogate head not working properly.

TechNote 1033 - How do I find the version of DataStudio within Windows?

TechNote 1044 - "Unsupported mode" error when certain modes are accessed on the Smart Timer.

TechNote 1054 - How do I change the sign of the output from the load cell amplifier?

TechNote 1057 - How do I find out the data source for data within a MyWorld GIS layer?

TechNote 1060 - Cross section and material properties for structure system beams.

TechNote 1067 - Photoelectric Cathode / Anode Materials and Work Function

TechNote 1082 - How to measure absorbance with Xplorer GLX and Ocean Optics spectrometer

TechNote 1084 - What volume of liquid can be held in the EcoChamber (ME-6667)?

TechNote 1086 - What is the maximum load that can be put on the air tracks.

TechNote 1090 - Replacement Lamp for OS-9286

TechNote 1094 - The connector cable does not thread through the aluminum tube for the wind turbine.

TechNote 1106 - AP-8209 Troubleshooting

TechNote 1108 - Diffraction Grating Comparison

TechNote 1109 - CI-6604 High-Sensitivity Light Sensor exhibits drift at 100X gain.

TechNote 1111 - AP-8209 Replacement Phototube Procedure

TechNote 1112 - Magnet Comparison

TechNote 1122 - Cleaning instructions for EcoZone or EcoChamber.

TechNote 1128 - Thermal Expansion Apparatus is inaccurate

TechNote 1129 - Demonstrations in Physics videos will not play.

TechNote 1132 - How many turns does the CI-6512 inductor have?

TechNote 1135 - e/m tube troubleshooting

TechNote 1137 - Pump is not pumping.

TechNote 1138 - Transmission characteristics for polarizing film

TechNote 1140 - Amadeus/Red Tide Firmware Update Procedure

TechNote 1141 - Wave Motion Demonstrator Calculations

TechNote 1142 - Quantum does not collect data if SPARKvue is installed.

TechNote 1146 - What is the index of refraction for the material the lenses are made from.

TechNote 1151 - What is the linear density of the elastic cord?

TechNote 1154 - How do I change the axles for the plunger cart, collision cart, or PAScar's?

TechNote 1167 - It is difficult to get a good charge on the Van de Graaf Generator.

TechNote 1168 - What is the maximum current draw for the ring launcher?

TechNote 1169 - What is the mass of the piston for the ME-6800 and ME-6801?

TechNote 1170 - What is the mass of the main launcher spring in the Short Range Launcher ME-6800?

TechNote 1180 - How do I get replacement parts for the specimen holders for the tensile testers?

TechNote 1181 - What is maximum diameter magnet or core that will fit in the coil of the EM-8656 board?

TechNote 1182 - Only 3 wheels of the cart touch the track.

TechNote 1185 - The projectile ejects before the trigger is pulled.

TechNote 1187 - Ocean Optics Overture error on start.

TechNote 1192 - Troubleshooting: PS-2119 not recording on Capstone

TechNote 1198 - How do I replace the hinge of the Ballistic Pendulum?

TechNote 1213 - What are the dimensions of the coils in the basic coils set?

TechNote 1217 - Troubleshooting: How do I used the Match Graph files with interfaces other than the 850 or with ScienceWorkshop Motion Sensors?

TechNote 1218 - Mercury lamp for SE-6609 Photoelectric System will not turn on.

TechNote 1226 - Test AP-8209 Power Supply

TechNote 1228 - Need replacement screws to attach launcher to stand.

TechNote 1231 - How to sample only on a measurement change

TechNote 1232 - What are the focal lengths of the lenses in the Laser Ray Optics System?

TechNote 1233 - Capstone video: How to show more than one run at a time in the graph display.

TechNote 1238 - SE-6609 Photoelectric Filter Absorption Spectra

TechNote 1245 - Battery life is limited for ME-9491

TechNote 1265 - Spectrometer software screen turns black shortly after startup of the App on Windows.

TechNote 1267 - The launch distances for the minilauncher seem to be shorter than theory would predict. What accounts for this difference.

TechNote 1272 - Bubbles have formed in spirit thermometers

TechNote 1273 - How do I use the SE-9626 Helmholtz coils with my existing power supplies?

TechNote 1276 - What are the approximate dimensions of the constructed tied arch bridge?

TechNote 1277 - Where do I find the instructions for the Sickle Cell Gene Detection Kit(BP-6947)?

TechNote 1279 - Cathode material for the photoelectric apparatus.

TechNote 1282 - Properties of SE-8050 string.

TechNote 1295 -

TechNote 1297 - What are the anode and cathode materials for the Franck-Hertz tube?

TechNote 1299 - How do I get a replacement power supply for my OS-8525A laser?

TechNote 1302 - What is the mass of the load cell within the Smart Carts?

TechNote 1309 - How do I connect an external signal generator to the Mechanical Wave Driver (SF-9324)?

TechNote 1311 - What are the best frequencies to use with the square Chladni plate WA-9607?

TechNote 1313 - What is the volume of the air chamber for the TD-8572 or the TD-8572A

TechNote 1315 - What are the unloaded displacements for the Mechanical Wave Driver?

TechNote 1316 - What should the spot look like for the speed of light apparatus?

TechNote 1318 - Airlink (PS-3200) or Wireless Sensor is not charging or responding.

TechNote 1322 - How do I configure a smart pulley setup (photogate with pulley) to get the rotational speed of the ME-9341

TechNote 1323 - Smart Timer not giving correct results.

TechNote 1326 - How can I improve the alignment of the bulb behind the slits for the basic optics light source?

TechNote 1327 - What are the approximate masses of the accessories for the Smart Carts?

TechNote 1328 - How do I clean the Millikan Apparatus?

TechNote 1330 - What is the diameter of the outside surface of the cloud chamber SE-7943 or SE-7940?

TechNote 1337 - Troubleshooting pairing wireless sensors (BT 4.0) to Android device.

TechNote 1349 - Pairing PS-2600 to a Chromebook not working.