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TechNote 35 - What is the best video camera to use with VideoPoint?

TechNote 36 - What is the best video capture card to use with VideoPoint?

TechNote 43 - Is it possible to delete data in ScienceWorkshop?

TechNote 46 - When I start DataStudio or ScienceWorkshop, it scans through the COM ports but can not find my ScienceWorkshop 500 interface.

TechNote 47 - Where can I get the latest version of the ScienceWorkshop/DataStudio software?

TechNote 48 - Does ScienceWorkshop run in the Windows NT environment?

TechNote 49 - What are the computer requirements for the ScienceWorkshop Interfaces?

TechNote 50 - What are the computer requirements for the ScienceWorkshop software on the Macintosh?

TechNote 52 - Can ScienceWorkshop software be used with the 6500 interface system?

TechNote 77 - What are the new features for Interactive Physics version 3.0?

TechNote 78 - What are the computer system requirements for Videopoint 2.0?

TechNote 83 - When I try to print, nothing happens. What should I do?

TechNote 84 - Is ScienceWorkshop 2.1 the latest version?

TechNote 85 - Is ScienceWorkshop Software year 2000 compliant?

TechNote 99 - I seem to be having problems with the characters. What type of font does ScienceWorkshop use?

TechNote 101 - Do I have to buy a site license to install the ScienceWorkshop software on all the computers in my lab?

TechNote 102 - How can I convert my movies from Video for Windows format (.avi) to QuickTime format (.mov) so that they can be used with VideoPoint?

TechNote 103 - How do I use time in a calculation in ScienceWorkshop?

TechNote 106 - How do I change the sample rate when using the oscilloscope display in Science Workshop?

TechNote 107 - In ScienceWorkshop I have a calculation that is used by a different calculation. When I changed my first calculation the second calculation did not change. What can I do?

TechNote 114 - What are the computer requirements for Interactive Physics 3.0?

TechNote 118 - When using two sensors simultaneously how do you present results from both sensors on a graph?

TechNote 119 - Can the ScienceWorkshop software be used with the 9 pin Apple II gameport or with the 15 pin PC gameport?

TechNote 120 - How do I add error bars to my data in the graph window?

TechNote 121 - How do I add error bars to my imported data in the graph window?

TechNote 124 - Sometimes after the ScienceWorkshop program has initialized and found the interface the program suddenly stops during an experiment. The message on the screen says that the program can't find the interface and asks whether it should try again or continue without the interface. What can I do?

TechNote 177 - What are the computer requirements for the SE-7475 Video Capture Card?

TechNote 178 - Do you have a disk of Science Workshop experiment setups for the Workshop Physics curriculum?

TechNote 181 - Are site licenses available for the VideoPoint software?

TechNote 185 - How do I install the Science Workshop software on my Macintosh computer?

TechNote 186 - How do I install the Science Workshop software on my personal computer?

TechNote 208 - In the Sampling Options, what does the Periodic Samples set?

TechNote 218 - What are the features in the 2.0 version that were not available in the 1.0 version?

TechNote 219 - I have the 1.0 version of VideoPoint and I would like to upgrade to the 2.0 version. What are the part numbers?

TechNote 231 - Macintosh will not boot after installing DataStudio.

TechNote 232 - ScienceWorkshop 750 interface is not detected with an Adaptec 2906 on a PowerMac G4.

TechNote 239 - How do I get VideoPoint VideoCapture software to work on an iBook running Mac OS 9.0.4 with the Belkin USB Videobus?

TechNote 240 - How do I print a long data table? Data Studio only seems to print the data that fits on one page.

TechNote 241 - The DataStudio data point symbols are not nice triangles, squares, etc, but instead are weird dingbats (fingers pointing up, down, left, right, etc.).

TechNote 242 - Text annotations that we put in a graph do not print correctly. It seems that the letters print in a larger font size (?) than they appear on the screen, and get clipped within the box when printed. This same trouble occurs with the curve fit box information displayed in a graph. Is there a correction for this?

TechNote 244 - DataStudio on Windows 95 cannot detect either the ScienceWorkshop 500 or 750 interfaces, but the "ScienceWorkshop" software can.

TechNote 245 - DataStudio immediately generates a General Protection Fault and closes.

TechNote 249 - I receive the DataStudio error message "Could not initialize a temporary data file" when I collect many runs of data or open a DataStudio file containing many runs of data on my Macintosh computer.

TechNote 250 - A PASPort interface is undetected by DataStudio, SPARKvue or PASCO Capstone on a Mac

TechNote 251 - When I try to open a DataStudio Library file (or any other read-only DataStudio file) on my Windows Me (Millennium Edition) computer, I receive the error message "File Initialization Failed: Access is Denied".

TechNote 252 - I would like to analyze my DataStudio data at a computer other than the computer that was used to collect the data. When I open the DataStudio file on the analysis computer, DataStudio prompts me to choose an interface. Since this computer is not connected to an interface, I select Cancel. However, my data then appears with strange icons in the Data window and it is not properly associated with my displays.

TechNote 254 - My computer will not recognize my interface; it keeps telling me that the COM port is in use by another program.

TechNote 255 - DataStudio crashes frequently on a MacOS 9.1+ with the UConnect USB-to-serial adapter.

TechNote 258 - I have a microphone connected to the computer, but I still do not get any sound.

TechNote 261 - Where can I find Science Workshop experiment setups for the SE-7997 nuclear sensor?

TechNote 262 - Is there a demo version of Interactive Physics available?

TechNote 271 - In the graph display, how do I prevent the vertical axis scale from rescaling while I'm taking data?

TechNote 278 - An attempt to use WavePort results in the error message that "MMSYSTEM002 A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system."

TechNote 279 - Xplorer displays nonsensical symbols or states that the Data Memory has "0 sets 100% full".

TechNote 287 - What are the main differences between DataStudio Full Features and DataStudio Lite?

TechNote 288 - How do I install DataStudio in a networked environment?

TechNote 289 - How do I paste a Graph into Microsoft Word?

TechNote 292 - How does one define a funtion in the Calculator?

TechNote 295 - I receive the message "Plug in a PASPort sensor to add a measurement to this activity."; however, I am using a ScienceWorkshop interface.

TechNote 297 - "QuickTime missing component and not available at QuickTime site."

TechNote 306 - I am unable to display any DataStudio Workbook files. Whenever I try to use the Text box in a DataStudio Workbook my screen blanks and starts freezing.

TechNote 307 - When I try to print a Sound Creator or Sound Analyzer window from DataStudio's WAVEPort plug-in, I receive the following error message and DataStudio closes: "Program Error: DataStudio.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created."

TechNote 308 - PASPortal does not automatically launch on a multi-user Mac with DataStudio 1.6.1.

TechNote 311 - Why do I get a blank field in the video preview window when I run VideoPoint Capture under OS 9?

TechNote 316 - I have many extensions that I believe may be conflicting. How do I create an extension set with just the extensions that I need?

TechNote 318 - Why is "ACCESS DENIED" when I try to open files from the DataStudio Library on a computer running Windows Millenium Edition?

TechNote 319 - What is the DataStudio Homework Pak?

TechNote 322 - Upon startup on Windows98, PASPortal and/or DataStudio 1.7 crash fatally with an exception 10H (floating point error).

TechNote 325 - I am unable to import tab-delimited data from Excel. I am also unable to cut-and-paste from Excel.

TechNote 338 - Where may I find a manual for DataStudio?

TechNote 344 - Connecting a SCSI-based ScienceWorkshop 700 or 750 interface to a computer running DataStudio 1.7.2 (and later versions) on Windows XP results in multiple requests to install new hardware and associated drivers.

TechNote 345 - The interface connects, but no pictures of the interface and/or sensors appear in the Device Manager.

TechNote 346 - When two or more Xplorers are plugged into a computer running DataStudio 1.7.1 under Windows XP, the result may vary from an unresponsive computer to a fatal exception error.

TechNote 347 - When two or more Xplorers are plugged into a computer running DataStudio 1.7.1 under Windows XP, the result may vary from an unresponsive computer to a fatal exception error. Stopping the Message Server (MsgSrv) will return the responsiveness of the computer; however, this will also disable the USB ports until the computer is rebooted.

TechNote 348 - A sensor always reports either zero values, or impossibly large or small values, or NAN (representing a value which is not a real number), after having been connected to a Macintosh running a verion of DataStudio 1.7.1 downloaded from our website before 13.08.2002.

TechNote 349 - When trying to install DataStudio I receive the message "Installation failure 1608: Unable to create Install Driver Instance."

TechNote 350 - When using PASPORT on computer running MacOS 10.1, occasionally, when you unplug a link or Xplorer into DataStudio 1.7.2-, the PASPORT sensors will not be recongized.

TechNote 352 - When installing DataStudio, one receives the following message: "Error 1607: Unable to Install InstallShield Scripting run-time."

TechNote 354 - Is VideoPoint Capture compatible with MacOS X.

TechNote 359 - DataStudio 1.70 prevents Microsoft Office from running or being uninstalled.

TechNote 368 - Windows 2000/XP hardware wizard endlessly detects the ScienceWorkshop 700/750 interface.

TechNote 369 - No voltage and value readings appear in the calibration window of DataStudio 1.8.0 on a Macintosh when using an analog sensor on a ScienceWorkshop 500 interface via a CI-6759 USB/Serial converter.

TechNote 374 - A "type 3 error" occurs during the installation of DataStudio 1.8+ on MacOS 9.x or 10.x.

TechNote 378 - Save Dialog does not appear when using a Macintosh. This is most commonly found on Macintoshes with running DataStudio 1.8 on MacOS 9.2.2.

TechNote 381 - How do I uninstall DataStudio 1.8 on a Macintosh?

TechNote 382 - DataStudio 1.8.0 or 1.7.x crashes after installing WavePort.

TechNote 383 - Installing DataStudio 1.8+ on Windows95 results in the following error: "Incompatible Version of the RPC Stub".

TechNote 392 - DataStudio 1.8.0- does not fit sine curves with amplitudes different from one.

TechNote 395 - Is VideoPoint PAL compatible?

TechNote 399 - May I import sound files to perform an FFT with Waveport on an audio file?

TechNote 401 - No data that was collected with a ScienceWorkshop interface appears in a reopened file.

TechNote 402 - Waveport does not install with DataStudio 1.8.0 on MacOS 9.x.

TechNote 405 - Precision is not preserved when exporting to Excel.

TechNote 409 - DataStudio causes an "Invalid Page Fault" while starting.

TechNote 412 - Which Ohaus balances are compatible with DataStudio?

TechNote 413 - What curve fitting algorithms does DataStudio use?

TechNote 430 - You receive the following InstallShield error: "1628 failed to complete installation".

TechNote 447 - How do I export data to Microsoft Excel?

TechNote 448 - How do I add files to the workbook index?

TechNote 455 - DataStudio on Mac OS 10.x crashes immediately when "SW750" is selected in the Experiment Setup window, but the interface is not connected or powered on.

TechNote 457 - The DataStudio installer reports that the installation source is not found when attempting to uninstall.

TechNote 470 - Ohaus Scout Pro Balance with USB Adapter is not recognized by DataStudio.

TechNote 475 - What is new in DataStudio 1.9?

TechNote 480 - How do I change numeric representations in DataStudio 1.9?

TechNote 482 - Functions of the form y = f(x,n) do not function in DataStudio.

TechNote 485 - How do I synchronize a movie with manually-entered r edited data?

TechNote 487 - On Mac OS X, double-clicking a ".ds" file opens PASPortal, instead of DataStudio.

TechNote 488 - Ohaus serial balance fails to connect to DataStudio.

TechNote 491 - Error 1714: Cannot install DataStudio, a previous version of DataStudio cannot be removed.

TechNote 493 - How do I synchronize data with a movie in DataStudio?

TechNote 495 - What are the linear fit parameters?

TechNote 500 - How do I prevent DataStudio from launching automatically.

TechNote 501 - How do I uninstall DataStudio from Windows XP?

TechNote 506 - "Save As" Dialog does not appear on Mac.

TechNote 510 - Chinese DataStudio 1.9 installation gives "Unable to create HKEY_CURRENT_USER Languages key" error.

TechNote 515 - Real Time Physics Curricula for DataStudio

TechNote 517 - DataStudio crashes when opening a new file or creating a new experiement on Windows XP.

TechNote 523 - When installing DataStudio, the following message appears: "The wizard was interrupted before DataStudio could be completely installed.

TechNote 529 - calculator functions in DataStudio / SPARK / PASCO Capstone

TechNote 535 - Mac OS X Installation Error Message: "There must be a System Folder on the destination drive."

TechNote 549 - Unable to install DataStudio.

TechNote 556 - Unable to log into user profiles after install DataStudio on MacOS 10.3.9.

TechNote 578 - How do I merge GPS data from the GLX with My World GIS?

TechNote 583 - NOTE: DataStudio is not officially supported on any Windows OS above XP These procedures may resolve installation issues on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

TechNote 585 - Message appears after install DataStudio 1.0 on Windows95: "The DataStudio.exe is linked to missing exportoleaut32.dll."

TechNote 595 - When I use DataStudio(version on a computer with a trackpad, DataStudio will randomly indicate the it encountered a problem and must close.

TechNote 599 - Calibration does not work with multi-measure sensors on the GLX, when a probe corresponding to a prior measurement in the measurement list has been disconnected.

TechNote 601 - DataStudio prompts me for a license key. Where do I find it?

TechNote 602 - How do I use my Vernier sensor(s) with a PASCO interface and PASCO software (DataStudio, SPARKvue, SPARKvue HD , or with the Xplorer GLX and SPARK SLS, or PASCO Capstone)?

TechNote 604 - What is the equation used to calculate my score when using Match Graph.

TechNote 613 - When installing DataStudio 1.9 or higher on a computer running Windows Vista Business Edition an error message appears saying MSVBVM50.DLL is missing and the install fails.

TechNote 619 - VideoPoint Physics Fundamentals FAQ

TechNote 621 - Data Invalid Error installing the driver.

TechNote 622 - PASPort driver either fails to install.

TechNote 623 - DataStudio 1.9.8 crashes immediately on a Macintosh.

TechNote 627 - My World 4.0 is unable to connect to TerraServer.

TechNote 643 - Generic EZ Screen opens instead of EZMotion when the PASPort Motion Sensor is connected.

TechNote 649 - Can DataStudio run on a Linux system? Can DataStudio run on a Linux system using wine?

TechNote 653 - "USB device you are trying to connect to the virtual machine is being used by another application..." appears in the Mac Parallels Environment.

TechNote 663 - "1324 Hj?lp" Installation Error

TechNote 665 - DataStudio Installation Problems

TechNote 675 - How do I perform a silent network installation of DataStudio?

TechNote 677 - DataStudio installation freezes when trying to create C:\Program Files\DataStudio directory on Windows XP or Vista.

TechNote 678 - Graph Shortcuts

TechNote 993 - ScienceWorkshop 500 interface only samples from one analog channel at a time.

TechNote 1001 - GLX Simulator Buttons are highlighted incorrectly.

TechNote 1004 - DataStudio curve fit graphically fits the data, but the fit parameters are incorrect.

TechNote 1015 - DataStudio and the Xplorer GLX calculator functions will return real values for the log, ln, and square root of negative numbers.

TechNote 1029 - Is it possible to use a J type thermocouple probe with the K type readers?

TechNote 1031 - How do I find the version number for my SPARK SLS?

TechNote 1032 - Installation of SPARKvue on a non-English language computer running Windows XP results in the error message (translated): “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete was not available.”

TechNote 1033 - How do I find the version of DataStudio within Windows?

TechNote 1035 - I cannot find my Serial Number and License Key to register DataStudio.

TechNote 1036 - How do I find or change my license key of DataStudio in Mac OS?

TechNote 1037 - How do I find the version number of DataStudio on a Mac?

TechNote 1039 - A warning states that SPARKvue has only a limited time remaining or SPARKvue states the evaluation period has expired.

TechNote 1040 - When saving a file through SPARKvue, SPARKvue gives the error, "An error occurred saving the file."

TechNote 1041 - DataStudio on Windows 7

TechNote 1049 - I need to get my USB Mass Storage Device (FLASH drive, ...) ready for a SPARK SLS firmware update.

TechNote 1050 - How do I pause data collection without starting another data run using PASPORT interfaces within DataStudio?

TechNote 1054 - How do I change the sign of the output from the load cell amplifier?

TechNote 1057 - How do I find out the data source for data within a MyWorld GIS layer?

TechNote 1068 - VideoPoint Library

TechNote 1074 - How do I change the DataStudio license key within Windows 7 or Vista?

TechNote 1076 - After installing DataStudio 1.9.8r9, I cannot find the workbooks and files that I have used with earlier versions of DataStudio.

TechNote 1079 - DataStudio 1.9.8r9 in French crashes immediately.

TechNote 1096 - Amadeus Quantum Software Update

TechNote 1097 - How do the features of the SPARKvue Emulator software that is included with the PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System compare with a fully licensed version of SPARKvue?

TechNote 1100 - MyWorld GIS locks up on installation on Windows 7 32 Bit computer

TechNote 1107 - Cannot export data with desired precision.

TechNote 1113 - Unable to directly open DataStudio files.

TechNote 1118 - Waveport Configuration

TechNote 1119 - Adminstrator Installation

TechNote 1133 - The Ocean Optics spectrometer is not recognized by SPARKvue software when connected to the computer.

TechNote 1147 - High/Low-Speed Video Syncs Incorrectly in DataStudio.

TechNote 1153 - How do I use the SPARK SLS as stopwatch?

TechNote 1171 - How do I calibrate the PASPORT High Accuracy Drop counter within DataStudio?

TechNote 1179 - How to screenshot a graph from SPARKvue for iOS

TechNote 1184 - Troubleshooting: Home screen display for units for PS-2125 is in degrees F.

TechNote 1189 - Troubleshooting: How to install DataStudio on Mac OS 10.8 or later.

TechNote 1190 - DataStudio crashes when selecting the interface.

TechNote 1200 - How do I change the displayed language on my SPARK SLS or SPARKvue program or App?

TechNote 1207 - Troubleshooting: USB flash drive not recognized.

TechNote 1211 - TROUBLESHOOTING: Capstone installs in English on my computer when my computer is running a different language.

TechNote 1212 - How do I connect a Bluetooth 2.0 wireless interface to a Windows computer with SPARKvue or Capstone?

TechNote 1214 - Where do I find the tutorial files for PASCO Capstone Video Analysis?

TechNote 1217 - Troubleshooting: How do I used the Match Graph files with interfaces other than the 850 or with ScienceWorkshop Motion Sensors?

TechNote 1219 - How do I calibrate an ISE electrode?

TechNote 1220 - My Android device does not have all of the labs that I want to use on it. How do I load large groups of labs at one time?

TechNote 1221 - How does PASCO Capstone calculate the velocity and acceleration data from the position data from the motion sensors?

TechNote 1227 - Which data file formats are compatible with which software packages?

TechNote 1231 - How to sample only on a measurement change

TechNote 1233 - Capstone video: How to show more than one run at a time in the graph display.

TechNote 1236 - Video does not play in SPARKvue.

TechNote 1250 - How do I transfer multiple SPARKlabs to SPARKvue?

TechNote 1256 - SPARKvue for ChromeOS is not installing.

TechNote 1262 - Need to remove spurious data points from displacement sensor data stream.

TechNote 1275 - Shared Session feature is not working in SPARKvue

TechNote 1285 - Which interfaces are compatible with MatchGraph?

TechNote 1287 - DataStudio is no longer being developed or updated and new PASCO interfaces are not supported under DataStudio. Which PASCO interfaces are compatible with DataStudio?

TechNote 1298 - Which components of Capstone require Apple's Quicktime software to work? What will happen if I uninstall Quicktime?

TechNote 1317 -

TechNote 1318 - Airlink (PS-3200) or Wireless Sensor is not charging or responding.

TechNote 1331 - During installation if Capstone software you receive an error mesage: Eror 1904 .dll file failed to register

TechNote 1336 - After saving a PASCO Capstone file with the new 10.x version of PASCO Capstone images that were shown now disappear.

TechNote 1337 - Troubleshooting pairing wireless sensors (BT 4.0) to Android device.

TechNote 1350 - After selecting the App Store icon on the SPARK Element the new PASCO logo (blue text on white background) is shown, then it goes to grey screen and the busy cursor spins indefinitely. The PASCO App Store never opens and must be force-quit.