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TechNote 156 - What is the procedure for installing the Adaptec AVA-1505 SCSI Card for use with the CI-7565 Science Workshop 750 interface when using Windows 95?

TechNote 158 - Everytime I boot my computer running Windows 95, I get a message about an unknown device. I always click cancel and the 750 interface is found by Science Workshop. How do I stop getting that message at startup?

TechNote 180 - ScienceWorkshop Digital Plug Connections

TechNote 312 - Launcher Distance Calculation

TechNote 315 - The calibrated pH probe reads that pure water is acidic.

TechNote 316 - I have many extensions that I believe may be conflicting. How do I create an extension set with just the extensions that I need?

TechNote 470 - Ohaus Scout Pro Balance with USB Adapter is not recognized by DataStudio.

TechNote 512 - The voltage does not change when the voltage adjustment dial is turned.

TechNote 513 - Where may I obtain the drivers for my Scout balance?

TechNote 521 - Specifications

TechNote 571 - Time scale reads incorrectly when using an Ocean Optics Spectrometer with the GLX.

TechNote 592 - How do I calculate salinity from temperature and conductivity?

TechNote 596 - How do I calibrate the PASPort conductivity sensor?

TechNote 999 - Area moments of inertia for beams ME-9891 and ME-8987.

TechNote 1013 - The 2-axis force platform does not show changing parallel forces.

TechNote 1015 - DataStudio and the Xplorer GLX calculator functions will return real values for the log, ln, and square root of negative numbers.

TechNote 1027 - Photogate cable for photogate head not working properly.

TechNote 1057 - How do I find out the data source for data within a MyWorld GIS layer?

TechNote 1084 - What volume of liquid can be held in the EcoChamber (ME-6667)?

TechNote 1094 - The connector cable does not thread through the aluminum tube for the wind turbine.

TechNote 1122 - Cleaning instructions for EcoZone or EcoChamber.

TechNote 1187 - Ocean Optics Overture error on start.

TechNote 1265 - Spectrometer software screen turns black shortly after startup of the App on Windows.

TechNote 1272 - Bubbles have formed in spirit thermometers

TechNote 1277 - Where do I find the instructions for the Sickle Cell Gene Detection Kit(BP-6947)?