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TechNote 4 - The CI-6521 or CI-6521A Motion Sensor does not see any reflections, but the characteristic clicking sound can be heard when used with the CI-6500 interface.

TechNote 8 - The CI-6519 Student Force Sensor will not zero.

TechNote 9 - Data Monitor for DOS reports "error #203" on start-up of program

TechNote 10 - The CI-6521 or the CI-6521A Motion Sensor does not work correctly when used with a air track.

TechNote 11 - When loading Data Monitor the message "error loading BGI graphics driver, error #1531" appears OR when loading Power Amplifier the message "error loading BGI graphics driver, error #0" appears.

TechNote 12 - Installation of the AIB results in a frozen computer.

TechNote 13 - The AIB card is installed in slot 1 (closest to the power supply) and the 6500 software can't find it.

TechNote 14 - Data is noisy or does not reach the computer on any input when using DataMonitor.

TechNote 15 - The data is not getting to the computer on some of the channels. It comes through the computer on others.

TechNote 16 - The SE-6590 IBM PC Interface card signal not reaching the computer. The indicator light on the photogate is working correctly, but the photogate status does not change on the computer.

TechNote 17 - When attempting to load Apple software the error message "UNABLE TO LOAD PRODOS" appears.

TechNote 18 - The output of the CI-6511 Force Transducer is a constant value when powered by an external source (i.e. not a battery). It does not change with force.

TechNote 19 - After using a non-PASCO sensor with the interface, the input reads either very 'high' or very 'low' and stays pegged.

TechNote 20 - A conflict exists between AIB-PC, some MIDI adapters and network interface cards.

TechNote 21 - Using the CI-6502 or CI-6502A Power Amplifier with an IBM PS/2 Model computer connected to a mouse causes a computer lock-up.

TechNote 22 - The AIB interface card doesn't fit in the EduQuest Model 40.

TechNote 23 - The red "overload" light on the Power Amplifier stays on continuously, even with nothing attached to the output.

TechNote 24 - The Power Amplifier is not responding to the 6500 interface. The voltage output is effectively zero, regardless of the programs's setting.

TechNote 25 - Data is not reaching the computer on any channel and the photogate status check does not work or Data Monitor shows only noise.

TechNote 26 - The CI-6502 or CI-6502A Power Amplifier is putting out a DC signal only.

TechNote 27 - Using the CI-6500 interface to measure over the 10 V limit

TechNote 28 - The Apple II software cannot communicate with any of the sensors.

TechNote 29 - The CI-6521A Motion Sensor does not work well with Windows.

TechNote 30 - Can I convert the CI-6502 Power Amplifier be used with the ScienceWorkshop 700 interface?

TechNote 31 - Error Message- A/D board not installed

TechNote 32 - What special hardware is needed to connect the CI-6550 ScienceWorkshop 700 interface with a Macintosh PowerBook computer?

TechNote 33 - When installing the CI-6500 interfaces on 486 computers, the interface card will not work when the network card is installed and visa-versa.

TechNote 34 - When using the ScienceWorkshop 700 interface with SCSI card, the ASPI drivers fail to load at start-up, thus disabling all SCSI operations.

TechNote 39 - I am using the CI-6552A with my CI-6510 interface. The power amplifier outputs voltage when it is first turned on. What can I do?

TechNote 41 - When used in FFT mode, the FFT is either missing or is incorrect. This problem is most evident on old, slow Macs.

TechNote 42 - What are the pin connections for the analog ScienceWorkshop sensors?

TechNote 44 - When using the EKG sensor, I see extrememly high heart rates when I first begin data recording or when the EKG baseline voltage changes.

TechNote 45 - Is it possible to run the CI-6500 software under Windows95?

TechNote 46 - When I start DataStudio or ScienceWorkshop, it scans through the COM ports but can not find my ScienceWorkshop 500 interface.

TechNote 56 - The green power light does not illuminate when I plug in and turn on the 700 interface.

TechNote 57 - What are the operating conditions for the CI-6505A Temperature Sensor?

TechNote 58 - How should the pH electrode be stored?

TechNote 59 - What probes may be used with the ISE Amplifier Box?

TechNote 60 - What can I do if my colorimeter gives no transmittance?

TechNote 61 - The current sensor is giving values that are twice what is expected.

TechNote 63 - What range of values can the magnetic field sensor measure?

TechNote 64 - What are the technical specifications of the CI-6742 Motion Sensor?

TechNote 65 -

TechNote 66 - What does the tare button do?

TechNote 67 - What is the maximum mass value that can be suspended from the rotary motion sensor?

TechNote 68 - Is there a way to mount the student force sensor to a cart?

TechNote 69 - How do you mount the CI-6537 force sensor to a cart?

TechNote 70 - Should I get the CI-6548 SCSI card?

TechNote 71 - What happens to the temperature response when a cover is placed over the temperature sensor?

TechNote 72 - When should I use the slow setting?

TechNote 73 - What should I do for best results with the humidity sensor?

TechNote 74 - Does PASCO offer an adapter that will allow PASCO' analog sensors to be used with Texas Instruments' CBL or Casio's EA-100 system?

TechNote 79 - Is there a way to extend a digital sensor cable length?

TechNote 80 - The light on my beta gamma nuclear sensor is dim. What should I do?

TechNote 86 - How do you turn the signal generator output on or off?

TechNote 87 - Will ScienceWorkshop and the 700 interface work in the Windows NT environment?

TechNote 91 - Will the CI-6500 Interface (IBM) System work in the Windows NT environment?

TechNote 92 - Can the rotary motion sensor be used with the CI-6500 interface?

TechNote 93 - Everytime I boot my computer running Windows 95, I get a message about an unknown device. I always click cancel and the 700 interface is found by ScienceWorkshop. How do I stop getting that message at startup?

TechNote 94 - When taking temperature data, readings will not go above 100 deg. C.

TechNote 104 - When I record sound sensor data I get a message that the interface is not keeping up with the data flow. The message window suggests using fewer sensors, but I'm only using the sound sensor. What can I do?

TechNote 105 - My sound sensor does not seem to display a clear signal when I use it with my Science Workshop interface. What can I do?

TechNote 108 - What is the resolution of the absolute pressure sensor?

TechNote 109 - What is the resolution of the low pressure sensor?

TechNote 110 - What is the resolution of the differential pressure sensor?

TechNote 111 - Can the Type K Thermocouple Probe be used in an open flame?

TechNote 115 - What power of laser is required for the laser switch?

TechNote 117 - My light sensor when used with ScienceWorkshop never seems to go over 50 percent intensity. What can I do?

TechNote 122 - Can I use the sensors from my CI-6500 with the ScienceWorkshop interfaces?

TechNote 123 - What are the power output capabilities of the 750 interface?

TechNote 126 - Can I convert my CI-6521 motion sensor for use with ScienceWorkshop?

TechNote 138 - I am interested in getting the Fiber Optic probe for the light sensor. What is the part number?

TechNote 139 - The polarization experiment gives only a small value for the ratio of the perpendicular and parallel polarization intensities.

TechNote 140 - How do you set the counting period for the SN-7927 within ScienceWorkshop?

TechNote 141 - How do you set the counting period for the SE-7997 within ScienceWorkshop?

TechNote 142 - Will the Heart Rate Sensor work with the CI-6500 interface?

TechNote 147 - What is the maximum sampling rate of the ScienceWorkshop 750 interface?

TechNote 148 - What is the maximum sampling rate of the ScienceWorkshop 700 interface?

TechNote 149 - What is the maximum sampling rate of the ScienceWorkshop 500 interface?

TechNote 152 - I am installing the 700 interface with SCSI card on my computer but the IRQ I need to use is being held for PCI steering. What can I do?

TechNote 153 - I have been running the 700 interface on a Macintosh computer and now I want to run it on my PC. What do I need to do?

TechNote 156 - What is the procedure for installing the Adaptec AVA-1505 SCSI Card for use with the CI-7565 Science Workshop 750 interface when using Windows 95?

TechNote 157 - I am installing the 750 interface with SCSI card on my computer but the IRQ I need to use is being held for PCI steering. What can I do?

TechNote 158 - Everytime I boot my computer running Windows 95, I get a message about an unknown device. I always click cancel and the 750 interface is found by Science Workshop. How do I stop getting that message at startup?

TechNote 160 - How do I connect my SW750-SCSI interface to the serial port?

TechNote 161 - When I started Science Workshop I got a message "Your 750 interface contains software in flash ROM that may not be compatible with this version of Science Workshop..." and I had two options, CANCEL or START. What should I do?

TechNote 162 - What are the differences between a 750 interface and a 700 interface?

TechNote 163 - Can I use the 750 interface with my other SCSI devices?

TechNote 164 - Which SCSI cable will I need to connect a SCSI 700/750 interface? Are there any cables longer than the supplied three foot cable?

TechNote 167 - How do I calibrate the 699-085 pH probe when using it with the CI-6738 ISE amplifier box.

TechNote 171 - Is software available for the ULI rotary motion sensor?

TechNote 173 - I received an adapter cable for one of my flow rate sensors. I bought another flow rate sensor and it did not come with an adapter. Do I need another adapter?

TechNote 175 - Can the CI-6519 student force sensor be used with Science Workshop?

TechNote 179 - I need additional electrode patches. What can I do?

TechNote 180 - ScienceWorkshop Digital Plug Connections

TechNote 182 - How do I setup my Science Workshop 500 interface?

TechNote 184 - How do I setup my Science Workshop 500 interface?

TechNote 187 - How do I setup my Science Workshop 300 interface?

TechNote 188 - How do I setup my Science Workshop 300 interface?

TechNote 193 - Can the CI-6742 Motion Sensor II be used with the 6510 interface?

TechNote 194 - Can the CI-6742 Motion Sensor II be used with the TI CBL or the Casio EA-100?

TechNote 195 - Are there other attachments available for the force sensor besides the hook?

TechNote 206 - Dissolve Oxygen Sensor Troubleshooter

TechNote 209 - Can you calibrate the CI-6506B sound sensor to measure in dB, rather than voltage?

TechNote 210 - How long will the ScienceWorkshop 500 batteries last during data logging?

TechNote 211 - How much data can I collect during data logging?

TechNote 212 - How long can I collect data during data logging?

TechNote 213 - What sampling options should I set when I am preparing for data logging?

TechNote 214 - I am interested in getting the Fiber Optic probe for the high sensitivity light sensor. What is the part number?

TechNote 216 - When I first started ScienceWorkshop with the 500 interface attached, the first message I received after the scan was found was "An interface was found, but it contained no logged data." Is this normal?

TechNote 220 - Can the CI-6742 Motion Sensor II be used with the Vernier ULI II?

TechNote 225 - Is it possible to run the CI-6500 software under Windows98?

TechNote 226 - How do I calibrate the Force Sensor?

TechNote 227 - What is the fuse required for the CI-6552A power amplifier?

TechNote 228 - What is the fuse required for the CI-6565A 700 interface?

TechNote 233 - What USB converters are compatible with the ScienceWorkshop 750 interface?

TechNote 235 - The pH sensor is very noisy when connected to a SW500 interface that is connected to a laptop computer.

TechNote 236 - DataStudio fails to connect with the ScienceWorkshop 750 interface on a Dell computer.

TechNote 238 - I receive the following error message when I try to install the ScienceWorkshop software on my Windows computer: "Setup is unable to decompress and copy all of the program files needed to proceed with the installation. Contact your software vendor. Error 112."

TechNote 246 - The Motion Sensor II clicks, but reads a small constant value (< 1 m) when used with the ScienceWorkshop 500 interface.

TechNote 247 - What USB-to-serial adapters are compatible with the ScienceWorkshop 500 interface?

TechNote 253 - I've connected the ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface (or 700 Interface, CI-6560 Signal Interface II) to my computer's SCSI port, but the Windows Add New Hardware Wizard requests drivers for an "Unknown Device" every time I boot up. What should I do?

TechNote 259 - Will Science Workshop and the 750 interface work in the Windows NT 4, 2000 or XP environment?

TechNote 261 - Where can I find Science Workshop experiment setups for the SE-7997 nuclear sensor?

TechNote 265 - What is the pinout of the CI-6538 Rotary Motion Sensor?

TechNote 267 - How do I adapt the ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface to work with the existing Power Amplifier experiments in my ScienceWorkshop Physics, Chemistry and Biology Teacher's Guide?

TechNote 270 - In Windows 3.1, whenever I run the Science Workshop software, it scans for and finds my 700 interface. The software shows the SCSI port symbol and says Initializing and then a Window opens that gives me the option to Try again or Continue W/O Interface. What can I do?

TechNote 272 - When I use the data logging feature of my 500 interface and then reconnect to the computer, the software finds the interface but the message that appears on the screen is "An interface was found, but it contained no logged data". What can I do?

TechNote 273 - Can I use the CI-6552A power amplifier with the 500 interface?

TechNote 274 - Can I use the CI-6552A power amplifier with the 300 interface?

TechNote 275 - Can I use the CI-6552A power amplifier with the 750 interface?

TechNote 276 - Can I use the CI-6552A power amplifier with the 700 interface?

TechNote 277 - The ScienceWorkshop 750(SCSI) interface is not detected on a Gateway computer.

TechNote 282 - What battery life can I expect from the ScienceWorkshop 500 interface?

TechNote 283 - Does the SW500 interface have anti-aliasing?

TechNote 284 - Can the SW500 be used as an oscilloscope?

TechNote 285 - What sort of frame rate can I expect from the ScienceWorkshop 750 interface when using it as an oscilloscope?

TechNote 286 - How fast can I record (as opposed to monitor) data with the 750 Interface and a SCSI connection?

TechNote 291 - DataStudio locks up when using a ScienceWorkshop 300 or 500 interface on a Windows computer for the first time.

TechNote 293 - I tried all of the other troubleshooting, but my interface is still not detected on my Compaq Deskpro EN.

TechNote 302 - How do I maintain my pH electrode?

TechNote 304 - My ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface loses power soon after I turn it on and the power adapters become hot to the touch.

TechNote 312 - Launcher Distance Calculation

TechNote 313 - The force sensor reads a constant value independent of the applied force.

TechNote 315 - The calibrated pH probe reads that pure water is acidic.

TechNote 316 - I have many extensions that I believe may be conflicting. How do I create an extension set with just the extensions that I need?

TechNote 317 - I have replaced my older smart pulley (ME-9385) with a new photogate head (ME-9806). Now the diameter of the 3/4" steel ball does not travel through the light beam. Which spacer is required to use the ball ramp from ME-9389 (smart pulley accessory kit) with a newer photogate head, such as ME-9806?

TechNote 335 - The ScienceWorkshop 500 or 750 interface is not detected by DataStudio when using the CI-6759(A) USB - to- Serial Adapter.

TechNote 344 - Connecting a SCSI-based ScienceWorkshop 700 or 750 interface to a computer running DataStudio 1.7.2 (and later versions) on Windows XP results in multiple requests to install new hardware and associated drivers.

TechNote 351 - How do I remove a small offset in the open circuit voltage?

TechNote 353 - A PASPort interface is not detected by Capstone, SPARKvue or DataStudio on a Windows computer.

TechNote 363 - DataStudio 1.8.0 endlessly updates the firmware on USB ScienceWorkshop 750s connected to Macintoshes.

TechNote 367 - Unable to detect the USB ScienceWorkshop 750 interface on a PC running Capstone software or DataStudio software

TechNote 368 - Windows 2000/XP hardware wizard endlessly detects the ScienceWorkshop 700/750 interface.

TechNote 414 - How do I use PASCO ScienceWorkshop Sensors with Vernier Interfaces?

TechNote 421 - What are the specifications for the Calcium Electrode?

TechNote 427 - What is the thermoelectric conversion for the type-K probe?

TechNote 435 - What is the principle of operation of the Rotary Motion Sensor?

TechNote 436 - What is the principle of operation of the motion sensor?

TechNote 437 - How do the PASCO force sensors work?

TechNote 451 - What are the specifications for the CO2 electrode?

TechNote 470 - Ohaus Scout Pro Balance with USB Adapter is not recognized by DataStudio.

TechNote 472 - ScienceWorkshop sensor value drifts

TechNote 473 - What is the procedure for calibrating the Precision Drop Counter in DataStudio?

TechNote 477 - The CI-6605 Temperature Sensor does not read the proper temperature when connected to the B or C channels of a ScienceWorkshop 300/500 Interface.

TechNote 486 - How do I convert my ME_9385 IBM Game Port Smart Pulley for use with ScienceWorkshop?

TechNote 497 - Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Preparation, Storage & Calibration

TechNote 500 - How do I prevent DataStudio from launching automatically.

TechNote 502 - Charge Sensor Operation

TechNote 505 - How do I convert my Apple II Smart Pulley for use with ScienceWorkshop?

TechNote 512 - The voltage does not change when the voltage adjustment dial is turned.

TechNote 513 - Where may I obtain the drivers for my Scout balance?

TechNote 514 - Conductivity Sensor Proper Use

TechNote 521 - Specifications

TechNote 525 - What is the RS-232 serial protocol for the ScienceWorkshop 500 interface?

TechNote 529 - calculator functions in DataStudio / SPARK / PASCO Capstone

TechNote 530 - The ScienceWorkshop 750 interface (USB) stops communicating with the host computer.

TechNote 532 - What is the use ORP electrode?

TechNote 539 - Are the PASCO carts and sensors compatible with the Vernier Dynamics System?

TechNote 560 - CI-6527A reports absurd results.

TechNote 568 -

In order to use the ScienceWorkshop version of the Force Platform with DataStudio version or earlier, the two files contained in this zip file must be placed in the appropriate directories:

CISensors_Enu.swr should be placed in the //Program Files/DataStudio/languages directory and CISensorRes.dll should be placed in //Program/DataStudio/plugins directory.

Once this is done, restart DataStudio


TechNote 570 - How do I force a firmware update on a ScienceWorkshop 750?

TechNote 571 - Time scale reads incorrectly when using an Ocean Optics Spectrometer with the GLX.

TechNote 575 - How do I measure illuminance?

TechNote 592 - How do I calculate salinity from temperature and conductivity?

TechNote 593 -

TechNote 596 - How do I calibrate the PASPort conductivity sensor?

TechNote 602 - How do I use my Vernier sensor(s) with a PASCO interface and PASCO software (DataStudio, SPARKvue, SPARKvue HD , or with the Xplorer GLX and SPARK SLS, or PASCO Capstone)?

TechNote 608 - Electrometer Pinout

TechNote 610 - The ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface is no longer detected after upgrading its firmware on a Macintosh running DataStudio

TechNote 635 - ScienceWorkshop Interface Sampling Rates

TechNote 658 - USB Interface Fails to Respond After a Reproducible Interval on a PC

TechNote 662 - Motion Sensor Troubleshooter

TechNote 993 - ScienceWorkshop 500 interface only samples from one analog channel at a time.

TechNote 999 - Area moments of inertia for beams ME-9891 and ME-8987.

TechNote 1000 - Thermopile Sensor Response

TechNote 1006 - How do I write a custom program for PASCO sensors?

TechNote 1013 - The 2-axis force platform does not show changing parallel forces.

TechNote 1015 - DataStudio and the Xplorer GLX calculator functions will return real values for the log, ln, and square root of negative numbers.

TechNote 1027 - Photogate cable for photogate head not working properly.

TechNote 1029 - Is it possible to use a J type thermocouple probe with the K type readers?

TechNote 1050 - How do I pause data collection without starting another data run using PASPORT interfaces within DataStudio?

TechNote 1055 - I have a license for SPARKvue. How do I update to the latest version?

TechNote 1057 - How do I find out the data source for data within a MyWorld GIS layer?

TechNote 1058 - The Delete key in the Calculator screen is "greyed out" or unavailable.

TechNote 1066 - Oxidation Reduction Potential Probe Care

TechNote 1075 - The thermocline sensor places large demand on battery supply of attached interfaces.

TechNote 1077 - Power connector specifications for ScieceWorkshop 500 Interface(CI-6400) for extended data collection.

TechNote 1084 - What volume of liquid can be held in the EcoChamber (ME-6667)?

TechNote 1085 - CI-6759A USB/Serial Converter not properly identified if attached during startup.

TechNote 1094 - The connector cable does not thread through the aluminum tube for the wind turbine.

TechNote 1097 - How do the features of the SPARKvue Emulator software that is included with the PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System compare with a fully licensed version of SPARKvue?

TechNote 1103 - Water Quality Colorimeter reports non-zero concentrations with a clear ampoule.

TechNote 1104 - Where do I find Tech Tips to use the ScienceWorkshop interfaces with the Inquiry and Advanced Curricula?

TechNote 1107 - Cannot export data with desired precision.

TechNote 1109 - CI-6604 High-Sensitivity Light Sensor exhibits drift at 100X gain.

TechNote 1114 - How do I use the ME-9279(A) with DataStudio?

TechNote 1119 - Adminstrator Installation

TechNote 1120 - Oxygen gas sensor is sensitive to changes in ambient pressure.

TechNote 1122 - Cleaning instructions for EcoZone or EcoChamber.

TechNote 1131 - SPARKlab does not fit on SPARK SLS screen.

TechNote 1133 - The Ocean Optics spectrometer is not recognized by SPARKvue software when connected to the computer.

TechNote 1148 - Using ScienceWorkshop sensors with PASPort interfaces

TechNote 1153 - How do I use the SPARK SLS as stopwatch?

TechNote 1159 - EKG Sensor Troubleshooting

TechNote 1160 - Are there alternative calibration solutions for use with the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) probe?

TechNote 1163 - The dissolved oxygen probe that I have does not have a silver ring.

TechNote 1166 - How to measure absorbance/transmittance with SPARK SLS and an Ocean Optics Spectrometer

TechNote 1175 - Where do I put the SPARKvue labs so that I can find them when running SPARKvue in emulator mode?

TechNote 1179 - How to screenshot a graph from SPARKvue for iOS

TechNote 1180 - How do I get replacement parts for the specimen holders for the tensile testers?

TechNote 1184 - Troubleshooting: Home screen display for units for PS-2125 is in degrees F.

TechNote 1187 - Ocean Optics Overture error on start.

TechNote 1189 - Troubleshooting: How to install DataStudio on Mac OS 10.8 or later.

TechNote 1192 - Troubleshooting: PS-2119 not recording on Capstone

TechNote 1196 - How do I get microscope images into SPARKvue HD?

TechNote 1197 - How do I use BTA sensors with SPARKvue?

TechNote 1199 - Troubleshooting: Plotting user-entered data vs sensor data in PASCO Capstone.

TechNote 1200 - How do I change the displayed language on my SPARK SLS or SPARKvue program or App?

TechNote 1202 - TROUBLESHOOTING: Lost data when iPad went to sleep.

TechNote 1203 - Can I use ScienceWorkshop sensors with an iOS or Android device?

TechNote 1211 - TROUBLESHOOTING: Capstone installs in English on my computer when my computer is running a different language.

TechNote 1212 - How do I connect a Bluetooth 2.0 wireless interface to a Windows computer with SPARKvue or Capstone?

TechNote 1214 - Where do I find the tutorial files for PASCO Capstone Video Analysis?

TechNote 1215 - How do I use the EX-55## 850 workbooks with ScienceWorkshop sensors?

TechNote 1216 - How can I change Capstone workbooks to use the 750 interface?

TechNote 1217 - Troubleshooting: How do I used the Match Graph files with interfaces other than the 850 or with ScienceWorkshop Motion Sensors?

TechNote 1219 - How do I calibrate an ISE electrode?

TechNote 1220 - My Android device does not have all of the labs that I want to use on it. How do I load large groups of labs at one time?

TechNote 1221 - How does PASCO Capstone calculate the velocity and acceleration data from the position data from the motion sensors?

TechNote 1222 - Troubleshooting: My Samsung device does not have all of the labs that I want to use within SPARKvue.

TechNote 1223 - How do I send detailed crash information about SPARKvue on Android?

TechNote 1224 - Instructions on how to update firmware for Air Link 2 and SPARKLink Air

TechNote 1227 - Which data file formats are compatible with which software packages?

TechNote 1231 - How to sample only on a measurement change

TechNote 1233 - Capstone video: How to show more than one run at a time in the graph display.

TechNote 1234 - Capstone video: Exporting Data through File-->Export

TechNote 1235 - Capstone video: Exporting Data through Copy to Excel

TechNote 1236 - Video does not play in SPARKvue.

TechNote 1239 - Cannot see SPARKlab on SPARK SLS

TechNote 1242 - Pinout diagram for I/O expansion port on back of 850 Interface

TechNote 1243 - SPARKvue does not detect a sensor connected to a Bluetooth interface.

TechNote 1250 - How do I transfer multiple SPARKlabs to SPARKvue?

TechNote 1251 - SPARKvue gives 1152 Error on installation.

TechNote 1257 - On updating Capstone, Windows returns Error 1722.

TechNote 1258 - Cannot change Text entry box within Capstone on Macintosh.

TechNote 1262 - Need to remove spurious data points from displacement sensor data stream.

TechNote 1265 - Spectrometer software screen turns black shortly after startup of the App on Windows.

TechNote 1268 - If you find that some files crash when opening these with Capstone on Windows, you may have a corrupted installation of the Capstone software on your computer.

TechNote 1269 - Icons or text within Capstone appear too small on the screen

TechNote 1272 - Bubbles have formed in spirit thermometers

TechNote 1275 - Shared Session feature is not working in SPARKvue

TechNote 1277 - Where do I find the instructions for the Sickle Cell Gene Detection Kit(BP-6947)?

TechNote 1278 - When entering the key for Capstone, the computer does not remember the registration on restart of the program.

TechNote 1287 - DataStudio is no longer being developed or updated and new PASCO interfaces are not supported under DataStudio. Which PASCO interfaces are compatible with DataStudio?

TechNote 1288 - How do I export data from an Android device that is running the PASCO Spectrometer software?

TechNote 1290 - The ScienceWorkshop 500 or 750 interface is not detected by Capstone when using the CI-6759A USB - to- Serial Adapter.

TechNote 1291 - How do I install PASCO Capstone in English on my non-English language Windows computer?

TechNote 1292 - Where can I find the files for the icons that are used with PASCO Capstone?

TechNote 1294 - When installing SPARKvue on a Chromebook, the following error message appears at the top of the browser window: Package is invalid. Details: "Could not unzip extension"

TechNote 1298 - Which components of Capstone require Apple's Quicktime software to work? What will happen if I uninstall Quicktime?

TechNote 1304 - I have a SPARKLab file (.spk or .spk2) and I want to load it onto a Chromebook for use.

TechNote 1306 - How do I import a DataStudio file into PASCO Capstone?

TechNote 1307 - Chromebook will not connect to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) sensors.

TechNote 1310 - What is the collection angle for the PS-2601 Optical Fiber for the Ps-2600 Wireless Spectrometer?

TechNote 1317 -

TechNote 1322 - How do I configure a smart pulley setup (photogate with pulley) to get the rotational speed of the ME-9341

TechNote 1324 - How long does it take the PS-2600 Wireless Spectrometer to charge fully?

TechNote 1325 - Where is the position of the illuminating beam for the fluorescence within the cuvette?

TechNote 1329 - Data not showing up in table, but is displayed on graph.

TechNote 1332 - What is the proper disposal method of the sensing element for the oxygen gas sensor?

TechNote 1336 - After saving a PASCO Capstone file with the new 10.x version of PASCO Capstone images that were shown now disappear.

TechNote 1341 - When launching SPARKvue an error message occurs: SPARKvue has encountered an error. Under the Exception Reason it reads: SPARKvue.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module .......ig4cd32,dll

TechNote 1342 - Where can I find the summary of the functions within PASCO Capstone?

TechNote 1347 - How do I turn off software update notifications for ALL installations for SPARKvue?

TechNote 1349 - Pairing PS-2600 to a Chromebook not working.

TechNote 1351 - On Mac 10.14+ Capstone crashes when trying to access a camera or camera display due to a user permissions issue