Tech Note 96 Detail

Millikan Replacement Oil

Affected Products:

AP-8210 Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus

Where can I get replacement oil for the Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus?

PASCO Solution:

The oil used in the AP-8210 Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus is a pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil with a density of ~886 kg/m3 at 25 Celsius. Replacement oil may be ordered directly from PASCO scientific by purchasing the AP-8211 Millikan Apparatus Replacement Kit.

If you wish to obtain replacement oil from a different supplier, the oil should be pure (so that its density can be well-characterized), low-viscosity (so that you can measure the density at room temperature without entrapping air bubbles), and have a very low vapor pressure so that it will not evaporate and change mass during the experiment.

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 01/27/2012
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