Tech Note 626 Detail

GLX Power Amplifier calibration failure.

Affected Products:

PS-2006 Xplorer GLX Power Amplifier

My GLX Power Amplifier will not calibrate.

PASCO Solution:

Your GLX firmware may require an update/patch that will allow you to use your Power Amplifier regardless of the unsuccessful calibration:

  1. First make certain that your computer is using the most recent release of DataStudio, which can be downloaded for free from here.
  2. Open DataStudio and connect your GLX. (The GLX should be powered-on.)
  3. When prompted to update the GLX firmware, click YES.

After installing the patch and updating your GLX firmware you may continue to receive a "Calibration Failed" message. To permanently stop receiving this message, you should contact Teacher Support to return the unit for modification. You may temporarily bypass the calibration sequence by pressing the F2 button on the GLX.

Creation Date: 01/21/2008
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