Tech Note 609 Detail

Laser Speed of Light Receiver is not detecting a signal.

Affected Products:

AP-8586 Laser Speed of Light System

Laser Speed of Light Configuration

PASCO Solution:
  1. Check that you either have a diode laser that reads OS-8475 on the label or one with a red DANGER label, rather than a yellow CAUTION label.
  2. Check that the power LED is lit on the receiver.
  3. Check that you are using the video port on the receiver.
  4. Adjust the laser power supply with the following initial settings:
    • Offset: 5.0 VDC (You must use a power supply capable of producing a DC offset.)
    • Modulation: Sine
    • Frequency: 0.9 MHz
    • Amplitude: 1.0 V
  5. When the laser beam is reflected off of a matte white sheet of paper, the beam should be easily visible to the eye. If not, slowly increase the DC offset until this is the case. Do not exceed 35 V.
  6. Use the horizontal and vertical adjustment screws to carefully align the laser to maximize the signal.

Creation Date: 08/17/2007
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