Tech Note 575 Detail

Illuminance [lux] Measurements

Affected Products:

PS-2177 PASPORT Light Level Sensor

How do I measure illuminance?

PASCO Solution:

Lux (lumens/m2) is the SI derived unit of measure of illuminance. To accurately measure illuminance, we recommend using the PS-2177 Light Level Sensor with a PASPort interface.

None of the other light sensors offered by PASCO scientific were designed to measure illuminance.

If you wish to measure the relative light intensity as a function of wavelength, then you would need a spectrometer, such as the PS-2600 Wireless Spectrometer, instead of the PS-2177 Light Level Sensor. To obtain an absolute intensity distribution would require rigidly mounting the aperture of the spectrometer in an integrating sphere with a light source of known intensity to arrive at the proper scaling factor, and performing measurements of other light sources located at the same point as the reference.

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