Tech Note 453 Detail

Force PASPort sensor/interface datasheet update.

Affected Products:

PS-2000 Xplorer Datalogger
PS-2100 USB Link
PS-2009 SPARKlink

How do I force a PASPort sensor/interface to update its datasheet?

PASCO Solution:

DataStudio has copies of datasheets and firmware for all of the PASPort interfaces (except the SPARK SLS) and sensors. DataStudio will always perform a check on whether these interfaces or sensors have a newer version of firmware or datasheet/firmware than is installed with DataStudio, if so it will then update the firmware/datasheet on the interface sensor; however, you can also force a PASPort sensor or interface (other than the SPARK SLS) to use the firmware or datasheet stored on the computer, even if the version number is the same or less.

Force Firmware Update

  1. Install the latest version of DataStudio.
  2. Disconnect the interface from the computer.
  3. Run DataStudio.
  4. If prompted with a welcome dialog, select Create Experiment.
  5. Setup DataStudio to detect the PASPort hardware:
    1. Click the Setup button.
    2. Select Choose Interface....
    3. Select PASPort and click OK.
  6. Hold down the appropriate key combination for updating the sensor or interface:
    1. CTRL+SHIFT+U for any PASPort Interface (PS-2000, PS-2100, PS-2009, PS-2001, or PS-2002)
    2. CTRL+SHIFT+D for any PASPort sensor
  7. Connect the interface to the computer or the sensor to an interface.
  8. When prompted to update the firmware, release the keys and select "yes".
File Downloads: - ( 65 KB )
Xplorer Firmware Upgrade for Windows
uconnect 234.sea.hqx - ( 65 KB )
Xplorer Firmware Upgrade for Mac

Creation Date: 11/10/2003
Last Modified: 02/24/2004
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