Tech Note 393 Detail

Xplorer or USBLink is not detected by DataStudio 1.8.0+ on a Compaq EVO or Compaq Presario 900z.

Affected Products:

PS-2000 Xplorer Datalogger
PS-2100 USB Link

The PASPort Xplorer is not detected by DataStudio 1.8.0+ on a Compaq EVO. Affected model(s): n1015. This issue is also reported with Compaq Presario 900z. This will likely affect computers using some Acer Laboratories Inc. (ALI) USB chipsets.

PASCO Solution:
There is a known incompatibility between some Compaq EVO and Compaq Presario computers and the PASPort XPlorer/USBLink. At least one model of Compaq EVO is known to experience this issue--EVO n1015. Compaq Presario 900z is also reported to use the ALI USB chipset and it exhibits the same issue. Others may be affected. Here are some possible solutions:
  1. Return the computers to Compaq for replacement, exchange, or repair.
  2. Use a different computer for aquiring the data from the Xplorer.
  3. Use a PCMCIA USB card, such as the Belkin USB Busport Mobile F5U022.
  4. Use a PowerLink instead. These use different USB chipsets, which appear to be more tolerant of poor USB signal quality. If you choose this option, please contact Technical Support to return/exchange your Xplorers.

Creation Date: 04/14/2003
Last Modified: 01/14/2005
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