Tech Note 341 Detail

PASPortal does not launch.

Affected Products:

CI-6870D DataStudio - Single User

Connecting a SCSI-based ScienceWorkshop 750 interface to a computer running DataStudio 1.7.2- on Windows XP results in multiple requests to install the Xplorer.

PASCO Solution:
Look in the "Hard Disk:System Folder:Extensions" folder. These files must be present:
  • "PSSensor" (the device driver for all USB PASCO devices) and
  • "PASPORT Monitor" or "PASPORT Monitor (OS 8)"
  • If you see "PASCO USB Sensor" or "Xplorer Program", remove them.
  • Make sure you have rebooted since installing DataStudio because PASPORT Monitor will only start when the system is booted.
  • Make sure that PASPort Monitor is not disabled in the Extensions Manager.
  • Rebuild the classic Macintosh desktop:
    • In MacOS X, use the Classic system preference panel's "Advanced" tab to rebuild
      the desktop.
    • In MacOS 8 or 9, hold down the left OPTION + COMMAND keys while booting.
  • E-mail us your "PASPORT Monitor.log".  To see the log, do the following:
  • Press "enable logging".
  • Restart the computer while holding down the COMMAND button for at least 1 second.
  • Plug in a sensor.
  • Disable logging (to write the log file). 
  • If you don't see the file, PASPORT Monitor may not be running. Try logging at boot time to see if it had problems starting up due to the system configuration.

    The PASPort Monitor keyboard commands are as follows:
  • Key Combination (Keys must be held down for at least 1
    COMMAND (during boot) Enables logging from the time PASPORT Monitor starts.
    COMMAND+OPTION+"1" Enables logging after boot.
    COMMAND+OPTION+"0" Disables logging and writes log to "PASPORT Monitor.log"
    COMMAND+OPTION+CONTROL Rebuilds workbook indexes.
    COMMAND+ESC Quits PASPORT Monitor (you must reboot to start it again).

    Creation Date: 07/17/2002
    Last Modified: 10/17/2003
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