Tech Note 265 Detail

Rotary Motion Sensor Pinout

Affected Products:

CI-6538 Rotary Motion Sensor
CI-7650 750 Interface, USB

What is the pinout of the CI-6538 Rotary Motion Sensor?

PASCO Solution:

The pinout of the TRS connectors of the Rotary Motion Sensor is as follows:

  • Yellow TRS Plug
    • Sleeve: yellow (Ground)
    • Ring: purple (Up Count)
    • Tip: orange (+5V)
  • Black TRS Plug
    • Sleeve: black (Ground)
    • Ring: white (Down Count)
    • Tip: - red (Not Connected)

To change from 360 to 1440 counts, pulse both rings low for between 100 microseconds and 1 ms. To change back to 360 resolution, pulse both rings twice within 5 ms.

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