Tech Note 180 Detail

ScienceWorkshop Digital Plug Connections

Affected Products:

ME-9498A Photogate Head with Cable
PS-2166 PASPORT Alpha Beta Gamma Radiation Sensor
ME-9259A Laser Switch

ScienceWorkshop Digital Plug Connections

PASCO Solution:

All PASCO single-port digital sensors with 1/4" (6.35 mm) TRS (stereo headphone) connectors (ME-9498A Photogate Head, ME-9259A Laser Switch, PS-2166 Alpha Beta Gamma Radiation Sensor, CI-6499 ScienceWorkshop Drop Counter) have the following pinout:

  1. Tip: +5V (power)
  2. Ring: signal
  3. Sleeve: power ground

The output from these sensors is + 5 volt digital TTL. The output is high (+ 5 V), unless one of the following states occurs:

  • an object blocks the beam from the receiver (in the case of the drop counter, photogate, or laser switch)
  • a radioactive decay occurs (in the case of the PS-2166 Radiation detector).
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Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 05/18/2011
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