Tech Note 1291 Detail

Installing PASCO Capstone on computers running other language Windows operating systems.

Affected Products:

UI-5400 PASCO Capstone Site License
UI-5401 PASCO Capstone Single User License

How do I install PASCO Capstone in English on my non-English language Windows computer?

PASCO Solution:

- Install Capstone on a single computer, run it and quit.

- The Settings file Capstone.ini will be created in “%APPDATA%\PASCO scientific” folder.

- Open Capstone.ini with any text editor and under [General] section change “Language” setting to “enu” and save it.

- After Capstone will be installed on all machines the Capstone.ini file must be deployed on each machine to “%APPDATA%\PASCO scientific” folder.

Creation Date: 10/16/2015
Last Modified: 10/16/2015
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