Tech Note 1267 Detail

What is the mass of the piston and spring assembly in the ME-6825A Mini-Launcher?

Affected Products:

ME-6825A Mini Launcher

The launch distances for the minilauncher seem to be shorter than theory would predict. What accounts for this difference.

PASCO Solution:

As the launch angle of the minilauncher is increased, some of the energy that would be going to the kinetic energy of the ball when the launcher is in the horizontal position, is going into raising the gravitational potential energy of the ball.

To help with these calculations, the approximate mass of the spring, piston and magnet are included below.

piston=5.61 g

spring=10.81 g

magnet=0.88 g

Creation Date: 02/9/2015
Last Modified: 02/9/2015
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