Tech Note 1239 Detail

Why can't I see my SPARKlab on my SPARK SLS?

Affected Products:

PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System
PS-2008A SPARK Science Learning System

Cannot see SPARKlab on SPARK SLS

PASCO Solution:

The following issues that may make a SPARKlab unreadable on the SPARK SLS.

  1. SPARKlab was generated or saved on SPARKvue HD or SPARKvue 2.0.When a lab is saved within SPARKvue 2.0 the file is saved with a suffix of .spk2 format which is not readable by the SPARK SLS.
  2. SPARKlab has a file extension .SPK. While SPARKvue can read files with the capitalized .SPK extension, the SPARK SLS will only recognize files with the .spk extension. This can be resolved by changing the extension on the file before it is copied to the SPARK to the lowercase .spk file extension.
  3. Only part of the SPARKlab page is visible on the SPARK SLS screen. SPARKlabs that have been saved in high resolution for display on a computer or tablet will only show a quarter of the page on the SPARK SLS. This can be resolved by installing the emulator (available at the following link) , and opening the file using the emulator, and saving the file as SPARK experiment - Optimized for SLS display (*.spk).

Creation Date: 03/21/2014
Last Modified: 05/20/2014
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