Tech Note 1225 Detail

PASCO Firmware Updater

Affected Products:

PS-2009A SPARKlink
PS-2010 PASPORT AirLink 2
PS-2011 SPARKlink Air

Instructions for updating PASPORT interfaces with the free PASCO Firmware Updater tool (Windows only).

PASCO Solution:

NOTE: The firmware updater is no longer being updated and is not an officially supported application. We recommend using either the latest versions of PASCO Capstone or SPARKvue to update firmware.

Supported interfaces for firmware updates:

  • PS-2000 Xplorer
  • PS-2002 Xplorer GLX
  • PS-2100A USBLink
  • PS-2001 Powerlink
  • PS-2009 SPARKLink
  • PS-2010 AirLink2
  • PS-2011 SPARKLink Air
  • PS-2235 Polarimeter
  • PS-2600 Wireless Spectrometer
  • UI-5000 850 Universal Interface
  • UI-5001 550 Universal Interface
  • PI-8127 Function Generator

Firmware Update Procedure

  1. Find a PC running Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.
  2. Close SPARKvue, PASCO Capstone, and DataStudio if any of these programs are open.
  3. If you have DataStudio installed, disable PASPortal.
  4. Download the free PASCO Firmware Updater.
  5. Install PascoFirmwareInstaller. (Your computer may prompt you with a security warning. Allow the program to install.)
  6. Run PascoFirmwareUpdater.exe.
  7. Connect the PASCO interface that needs a firmware update to your computer via USB cable. (Make sure to choose a fully powered USB port or use a USB hub.)
  8. If the firmware is already up-to-date, the update will complete immediately.
  9. If the firmware needs to be updated, select 'Yes' when asked if you want to update the firmware.
  10. Wait for update completion.
  11. Disconnect the PASCO interface from the USB port.


Creation Date: 09/18/2013
Last Modified: 06/23/2016
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