Tech Note 1201 Detail

Troubleshooting: Where is the serial number?

Affected Products:

PS-2000 Xplorer Datalogger
PS-2001 PASPORT PowerLink
PS-2002 Xplorer GLX

Troubleshooting: Where is the serial number?

PASCO Solution:

The serial numbers for PASCO products will fall into two categories: interfaces and other equipment. The first digits of the interface serial numbers will be the last two digits of the year of manufacture. The serial number will also contain the numeric part of the product part number (e.g. the PS-2000 will contain "2000" within the serial number of the device. For other products, the serial number will begin with "P". The digits following the "P" will indicate the number of devices that were manufactured previously.

I=Interface type serial number

O=Non-interface serial number

Part Number Type Location of Serial Number
PS-2000 I Battery compartment
PS-2002 I On the back of the device under the flip up stand
PS-2008A I On back side of the device on the centerline about 1/2 inch from the bottom edge.
PS-2009 I On the bottom side of the device, 3/4 inch from bottom edge
PS-2010 I Located on back of device
PS-2011 I On back of device (same side as power connector)

Creation Date: 03/27/2013
Last Modified: 03/28/2013
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