Tech Note 1187 Detail

Ocean Optics Spectrometers used with Overture.

Affected Products:

SE-7183 Amadeus Spectrometer System
SE-7196 Ocean Optics Red Tide Spectrometer

Ocean Optics Overture error on start.

PASCO Solution:
Overture is free software from Ocean Optics that should support all of the Ocean Optics spectrometers. If you obtain an error message when running this software, please follow the troubleshooting below:
  1. Check that you are installing the proper Overture version (32bit vs 64bit).
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Check that the drivers have been installed properly in the Device Manager:
    • If you have SPARKvue installed, make sure that the USB driver is mapped to EZUSB.sys in the 32 bit version, not WINUSB.

Creation Date: 09/12/2012
Last Modified: 09/30/2013
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