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High/Low-Speed Video Syncs Incorrectly

Affected Products:


High/Low-Speed Video Syncs Incorrectly in DataStudio.

PASCO Solution:

Frequently high-speed or low-speed video files contain false frame rate metadata. Camera manufactures deliberately do this so that the video will play back at a easily-viewable frame rate; however, for DataStudio to synchronize the video correctly, the video rate in the file must be accurate.

Below are directions for changing frame rate metadata of the video file, using a free video editor:

  1. Download and install AVIDEmux.
  2. Right click on your video and select Open with... .
  3. Select AVidemux.
  4. In AVIdemux, select Video.
  5. Select Frame Rate.
  6. Check “Use Custom Frame Rate”, and set the desired frame rate.
  7. Save the file.

For adjusting the phase between the video and the data, see Tech Note #493.

If you still have problems with video syncing, please let us know.

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