Tech Note 1099 Detail

DataStudio scope displays no data.

Affected Products:

PS-2190 PASPORT 1 MHz 2-Channel Voltage Sensor

DataStudio scope displays no data.

PASCO Solution:

If data collection is started when any of the displays are open other than the scope or when the signal level is below the trigger level, then no data will appear in the scope.

As a workaround, follow the directions below:

  1. Create a new activity or restart DataStudio.
  2. Close all of the open displays.
  3. Open a scope display.
  4. Adjust the trigger level arrow on the left of the scope so that it is lower than the scope level.
  5. Click Start. (You should now see an active display of the waveform on the scope.)

Creation Date: 08/18/2010
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