Tech Note 1083 Detail

Power connector specifications for AirLink2 (PS-2010) and SPARKlink Air (PS-2011) for extended data collection.

Affected Products:

PS-2010 PASPORT AirLink 2
PS-2011 SPARKlink Air

Power connector specifications for AirLink2 (PS-2010) for extended data collection.

PASCO Solution:

The power connector for the AirLink 2 is a USB mini "B" connector.

USB mini

The recommended power solution is to use the PS-2574 (for North American power jacks)). This power connector receives the USB A connector from the cable that ships with the PS-2010.

If you choose not to use the PS-2574, the USB A end of the USB cable that ships with the PS-2010 can be used with any standard USB charging source. This is a common power connection standard for many cellphones and Bluetooth devices. To extend the usable collection time in the field for the AirLink 2, you can connect the AirLink2 to a portable cellphone charger that provides 5 VDC. The AirLink 2 can use an input voltage from 4.3 to 5.5V.

The AirLink 2 will draw a maximum of 400 mA from a charger or USB connector.

The SPARKlink Air can be charged through the USB connector by connecting this to a cell phone charger (hardwired or portable). The SPARKlink Air can also be charged through the dedicated charging port (5VDC, 2-3A, 1.35X3.5X9.5mm straight output plug, center positive). If you find the SPARKlink does not respond through charging through the USB port, please charge the device through the dedicated charging port.

Creation Date: 04/29/2010
Last Modified: 07/8/2015
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