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correlation coefficient

Affected Products:

PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System
PS-2400 SPARKvue Site License
PS-2401 SPARKvue Single User License

How do I determine the correlation coefficient (r) for my data set.

PASCO Solution:

Attached is a SPARK lab file that contains the calculation that determines the correlation coefficient for a value plotted against time. To have the workbook function properly, you will need to go into the calculator and change the definition of the following functions:

  • x (Measurement for X axis)
  • y (Measurement for the Y axis)
  • sr (Sampling rate at which data is collected [Hz])
  • [/ul]
    Note: Please use this only with data sets larger than fifteen points as the equation has a modification to avoid a divide by zero error.
File Downloads:
Correlation Coefficient SLS.spk - ( 16 KB )
SPARKlab with Correlation Coefficient (r) Calculation

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